Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Quit!

I've gotten extremely busy as of the last few months and can't find the time to write this blog when I know I should be doing other things. Plus, I'm almost officially on the waitlist for my adoption and I want to write more on that blog since I am using it to create a book for little Baby I. I can't do all of these things so I've decided to give this blog up.

If you want to keep up with me you can catch me at my adoption blog. I'm sure once things settle down I'll come up with a new blog maybe something with a title like: Design School Dropout, Noncommittal, Procrastination Diaries, or This Lazy House. I don't know but I'm sure I'll be back with a better plan this time. Until then I'm just going to read my favorite blogs and write on my other blog.

Thanks for following for the short time I did this. You guys rock!

Peace Out!



  1. Hey Tami:

    I have news for you - stuff will NEVER settle down once Baby 1 gets home!! LOL If you are too busy to MRageously blog now, you'll find that your time will be MUCH better productively spent when you become a Mom. My Ethiopian Princess just tuned 3 (and she has been home since she was 7 mos) and the only bogging I do is on HER blog for family and friends.

    You may have an inkling about what is to come and people may have tried to tell you BUT until you live it, my Birthday Buddy... I didn't even have the time to start the Princess's blog until she had been home ONE YEAR!!

    Your forties are going to take such a fabulous TURN and your priorities will be "all Momma, all the time" It is simply the best. Still, I am going to miss this blog. It was thought (and humor) provoking.

    I'll be checking in on the adoption blog. I can't wait until you get your referral and then the BIG DATE when you get to go to Ethiopia and become a family!! Good thoughts and hopes are electronically winging it your way :)


  2. See you on the other side, Tami.

  3. Tami,

    Do you babe! I will follow you on the other blog. Good writing is good writing, even if it's about diapers, spit up and food being thrown on the floor!

    I'll see you there! :)

  4. you will be missed over here! take care

  5. Congrats on being on the wait list. My 40x40 was on hold for awhile due to prepping for baby and now I must say I don't have much time to focus on anything else.

    I'll check your adoption blog. Best of luck!