Sunday, June 14, 2009

L.A.M.B. = Shoegasam

Last week when I went shopping for my birthday I came across a designer that I never paid much attention to until I saw a pair of shoes that I just wanted to have sex with.  L.A.M.B. by Gwen Steffani.  OMG.  Her shoes are beautiful!  I put a pair on and they felt as good as they looked, even at 4" high.  As I sat in the Neiman Marcus Last Call outlet for a minute trying to compose myself and catch my breath the sales woman came over.  I told her it was my birthday week and how much I loved these shoes.  As a matter of fact I loved them so much I just wanted to have sex with them.  She said that was a good way to describe them because they were just that sexy.  Too bad for me, I had absolutely no where to wear them; they weren't practical, but damn they were sexy and pretty as $%#&!  As I walked around for another 15 minutes in them, trying on other shoes, adoring them, knowing I couldn't take them home, I decided on two other pair of shoes that were more practical.  A blue pair of flats to wear with jeans and a comfy pair of white wedges:
So, I put the wonderful L.A.M.B shoes back and left the area content with my new shoes and feeling the need for a cigarette for sure.  Since I forgot to take a picture of the shoe and can't find the exact shoe online, I've decided to show you a few other sexy shoes from Gwen Steffani's L.A.M.B. line.  I never knew how comfortable and sexy her shoes were, but from now on, I'm going to start checking for her line of shoes.  They are pricey no doubt, but any shoes that are comfy and make me want a cigarette (and I don't even smoke) are okay by me.

Has anyone worn L.A.M.B shoes?  What is your favorite line of shoes?  

Friday, June 12, 2009

So, I'm 40...

Yupeers, I'm 40 now.  Ok.  Now What?  

I've been silent this week because I figured something, anything was supposed to happen.  

It didn't.  Honestly, I think I was a little disappointed.  

I still am but if this year hasn't taught me anything it has taught me to be faithful and trust in the Lord.  Each day I am praying and saying "Let your will be done" and you know what?  It is. I'm feeling better and while I still have a way to go I just feel better and I do see my life changing for the good.  Hey, my way certainly hasn't worked so... lol  

Sorry, I digress...

My birthday came and went with no hoopla.  No party.  No trip.  No nada mucho.  You see, I'm adopting and looking for a new job so there isn't a whole lot of extra money for these things.  I plan to do something this year, but I was hoping my birthday would have been the time.  

The birthday was nice and peaceful though.  I'm thankful I wasn't stressed and pray I have left that ultimate stress in my 30s.  I bought new shoes (3 pairs and clothes)...thanks Mom and Bob. I got a beautiful new ceiling fan...thanks Bob.  I went to church first.  I have a new wonderful man in my life (I'll call him A).  We spent the day by the water in Baltimore walking hand in hand.  We ate great seafood and had gelato for dessert.  

For those that have asked me about A.  Yes, I met him online.  Yes, he is normal (today) LOL. We have been seeing each other about a month now almost daily.   He is a Christian.  Never married.  No kids.  Two dogs.  Employed.  Handsome.  Dimples.  Athletic.  Nice body.  39.  Very funny.  He gets me and I get him.  I adore him.  'Nuff said.  

There you have it.  Where I stand on being 40 today, June 12th.  

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Birthday - BELATED...giveaway winner

It's official I'm 40!  Funny, I feel the same as I did at 39, 38, 37, 36 and so on, albeit a little freer, but definitely not older!  

I didn't post much last week because...

(thinking of excuses)

I was too busy trying to figure out what to do for my birthday 


I'm hella grown, so I'm not afraid of you all...I just plain didn't feel like it!  :-)

I'll post more later but here is one of my favorite birthday songs I made my friend listen to (much to his chagrin) all day yesterday.  

Ooops, I almost forgot, Tamstyles you are the lucky winner of the Correspondence Giveaway. Email me your contact information for my birthday gift (nice I know) to you. :-) 

Another giveaway coming this week!  

Uhhhh, I also accept belated birthday wishes.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4 and counting

Another day down, 3 more to go.  Happy Birthday to ME!  

I didn't do much today (migraine) except go to a friend's house who just had knee surgery today.  Everyone was bringing her food so I thought why cook when I can eat all of her food instead!  I'm practical ya know!  I even got a birthday cake out of it...well, sorta.  Her mother sent her a cake, but of course I mentioned my birthday was Sunday so people ended up telling me Happy Birthday.  It's a good thing my friend loves me.  

Yesterday, I bought a pair of expensive sandals; I have a thing for expensive shoes can't help it. My mother used to tell me her feet have to get her to work so she doesn't stiff herself on her shoes, however I'm pretty sure she wasn't talking about Gucci, Prada or Feragamo.  What the hey, I'm the next generation, we do things just a little extra than the last.  LOL  My feet thank me though.  I also went to dinner with a friend.  I kept telling the waitress (at Coastal Flats) it was my birthday thinking I would get a little special treatment but NADA!  Dang.  Is that what happens when you turn 40 at restaurants?  The only thing you get is the bill?  I was hoping for a song, candle, or a nacho with a flicker...something!  sighhh

Tomorrow thrift stores and vintage favorite!

Since I'm not going out of town for my birthday and it is too late to get my friends together I'm thinking about skydiving or something like that.  I want to do something fun, different and interesting.  Not the typical dinner date.  What do you think?  

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5 is a GREAT number!

Not only is my birthday 5 days away but guess what happened to me today?  

I got a design client!  That's right peeps, I'm back in the world of all things b-u-ti-ful (that's beautiful for the literal ones).  My client is located in a suburb of Cleveland.  From what I can tell right now it is almost a whole house: kitchen, family room, dining room and mudroom.  fun, Fun, FUN!  

Great 5 day Birthday gift to me.  I think I'll go celebrate tonight by going to dinner with a friend.  I went out last night with my new "friend", had smoothies and looked for shoes but didn't find anything.  Better luck tonight!

Now, you know I am a, should I start another blog? Maybe, it will help my business and keep me in my 1 client at a time philosophy and my baby in her daycare and Mommy in new vintage outfits.  Do you think I can incorporate it into Middlerageously or it should be an entirely new blog or just do it and not blog about it?

Monday, June 1, 2009

6 and counting...

6 days and counting!  

I've decided I'm doing something everyday this week to celebrate my birthday.  My friend's said I should have a birthday month...I like the sound of that.  Hey, I'm turning 40, that's a huge milestone so why not?  I'll let you know if I plan to turn my birthday week into a birthday month next Monday.  

So, what am I doing today?  

Going shopping of course!  I need to look fabulous, during my birthday week/month, don't I? Where do I do my shopping?  Vintage stores, thrift stores and Neiman Marcus (store, outlet, Cusp) primarily.  Huge contradiction I know, but hey if you haven't figured it out by now, that's me!  

As far as buying a diamond...oh, how I want this David Yurman diamond necklace but it may have to wait until Christmas.  Speaking of jewelry, has anyone heard of the site Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry where you can buy and sell jewelry given to you by exs?  Great bargains and stories! Brilliant!  

What is your youngest birthday memory?