Monday, June 1, 2009

6 and counting...

6 days and counting!  

I've decided I'm doing something everyday this week to celebrate my birthday.  My friend's said I should have a birthday month...I like the sound of that.  Hey, I'm turning 40, that's a huge milestone so why not?  I'll let you know if I plan to turn my birthday week into a birthday month next Monday.  

So, what am I doing today?  

Going shopping of course!  I need to look fabulous, during my birthday week/month, don't I? Where do I do my shopping?  Vintage stores, thrift stores and Neiman Marcus (store, outlet, Cusp) primarily.  Huge contradiction I know, but hey if you haven't figured it out by now, that's me!  

As far as buying a diamond...oh, how I want this David Yurman diamond necklace but it may have to wait until Christmas.  Speaking of jewelry, has anyone heard of the site Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry where you can buy and sell jewelry given to you by exs?  Great bargains and stories! Brilliant!  

What is your youngest birthday memory?  


  1. My youngest Birthday memory was my 3rd birthday. I remember it vividly because it fell on Easter Sunday. I had the double whammy of an Easter egg/chocolate bunny celebration and birthday cake and ice cream party. I ran around stuffing my face with everything and than ended the party with.....well you can probably guess.

    Have a great 40th. 40's are the best! So far anyway :-).


  2. My mom threw me a party for my 2nd birthday (don't remember). I cried the ENTIRE time and wouldn't let anybody touch me. My mom said she told me, "You ain't NEVER getting another birthday party."

    I'm 46 and haven't had one since. LOL! I think she kinda cursed me like the old lady from the "Drag Me to Hell" movie.

  3. My youngest birthday memory is when I was about 3 and I was crying for no reason at my party. I was asked what was wrong and I said I don't know and kept on crying. I was a big cry baby...until I was about 30. LOL

  4. hmmm...youngest birthday, maybe about 5. Lasagna, German Chocolate Cake and a few friends.

    Worst birthday: 13-teenage slumber party. Fight breaks out with two girls and one trys to walk home in a snowstorm (about 3 miles to her house). Mom serves caffeinated tea to my mormon friends.

    Best: Turning 30 in Paris with 12 of my best friends. Ahhhh to be there now.

    Happy Happy Birthday!

  5. Mom serves caffeinated tea to Mormon friends? Classic! Hilarious!

    Worst birthday? Last year....'nuff said!