Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5 is a GREAT number!

Not only is my birthday 5 days away but guess what happened to me today?  

I got a design client!  That's right peeps, I'm back in the world of all things b-u-ti-ful (that's beautiful for the literal ones).  My client is located in a suburb of Cleveland.  From what I can tell right now it is almost a whole house: kitchen, family room, dining room and mudroom.  fun, Fun, FUN!  

Great 5 day Birthday gift to me.  I think I'll go celebrate tonight by going to dinner with a friend.  I went out last night with my new "friend", had smoothies and looked for shoes but didn't find anything.  Better luck tonight!

Now, you know I am a blogaholic...lol, should I start another blog? Maybe, it will help my business and keep me in my 1 client at a time philosophy and my baby in her daycare and Mommy in new vintage outfits.  Do you think I can incorporate it into Middlerageously or it should be an entirely new blog or just do it and not blog about it?


  1. Congrats on the new design gig. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Hey Tami - I'd like to hear more about your new "friend" (who BTW if said soemthing like that comment to me I would have been rolling under the table - NOT laughing).

    AND - I passed court today - I will be back in NY with the baby by the end of June. It was so long ago that I began the process. It felt like it would neer happen - and then today it did.