Monday, June 8, 2009

My Birthday - BELATED...giveaway winner

It's official I'm 40!  Funny, I feel the same as I did at 39, 38, 37, 36 and so on, albeit a little freer, but definitely not older!  

I didn't post much last week because...

(thinking of excuses)

I was too busy trying to figure out what to do for my birthday 


I'm hella grown, so I'm not afraid of you all...I just plain didn't feel like it!  :-)

I'll post more later but here is one of my favorite birthday songs I made my friend listen to (much to his chagrin) all day yesterday.  

Ooops, I almost forgot, Tamstyles you are the lucky winner of the Correspondence Giveaway. Email me your contact information for my birthday gift (nice I know) to you. :-) 

Another giveaway coming this week!  

Uhhhh, I also accept belated birthday wishes.  


  1. Hapy Belated birthday!!!

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH snap! Okay this is the post you wanted me to see!!!! GET IT GIRL!!! and that song was my jam when it first came out. We drove 40 miles to get that cd because it was sold out everywhere! Live it up girl and have fun! Post pictures of what you do.

  3. Happy Birthday Tami!! 40 is a great year.

  4. Happy belated 40th!!!

    Very awesome!