Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Almost Clutter Free

When I told my mother I wanted to de-clutter.  She said "where?"  I've always been neat but I had a secret, I hid clutter well.  Paper stacked ever so neatly.  All piles of whatever, had a nice pretty little home and well...don't open that door!  Until now.  I spent the last few months (the summer plus) sorting and getting rid of everything!  I mean everything.  I have gone through every single drawer, box, closet, cubbyhole, cabinet, shed and eve in my home (interior and exterior).  I've gotten rid of:
  • jewelry
  • furniture
  • underwear/socks
  • magazines
  • unmatched silverware, extra pots, pans, storage containers
  • expired anything
  • clothes (that I don't wear/like/fit), things discolored, with a hole, out of date or anything questionable
  • books I haven't opened in years and don't intend to
  • extra vases and tchcokes that were attacking dust
  • extra makeup, lotions and potions
  • anything that I don't love, need, have sentimental value or that I think is beautiful was out of here!  
When I started doing this and I realized I didn't miss any of the items I thought many of the following things: 

Did I buy all of this crap?  Why?  Why?  Why?  When was the last time I used this?  What the Hell was I thinking?  Arghhh!  I want my money back!  Never again!  What a waste!  Are you kidding?  Now that was funny!  #$!@@%!!!**&%

I have posted over 200 items to freecyle.  Taken bags and bags to thrift and consignment stores.  Sold items on Craigslist - sorry ex man - you shouldn't have left that juicer here...too bad you didn't leave more!  I also had a yard sale where I made almost $500...okay one of my friends donated $150 for my adoption but I did give him some items so it still counts!  I have a few more things that I'm trying to decide if I should sell them on ebay, donate or give them away then I'm DONE decluttering!  

It feels and looks awesome. 

I have boxes for my storage shelf in the basement by the water heater, etc. (albeit not as pretty as I would like but that will come in the redecorating phase)...even the hammers and glue guns have homes now.  Why do I have 7 hammers and 6 glue guns?  Hmm when I couldn't find one I would buy another.  Not any more.  All medicine and vitamins have storage...I mean I'm like the queen of freakin' organization over here now!  What I have realized from all of this organization is that once you begin it is like a new disease.  I walk around my house now thinking do I really need this.  Most of the time the answer is No.  Yes!  I love this new less is more life.  

Now on to a major clean before redecorating.  That won't be fun!  

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of my awesome organization.  

Has anyone else gone through this?  Maybe you moved and were forced to de-clutter but how did you feel and what did you get rid of?


  1. I'm so inspired. I want to declutter but everytime I start I just don't get very far. I think because overall, like you my clutter is organized. I've got a den that I want to turn into a real playroom but just can't get motivated to get to it. I have been selling stuff on craiglist though, so at least I've started.

  2. Have you seen the Simple Living forums? Lots of folks doing the same thing, and more, hanging out there. I find them inspiring and gets lots of good ideas for de-cluttering, as well as all kinds of other ideas (yard saling, crafting, multiple uses for one object, too many to list here) Go check them out :-)

  3. Decluttering is awesome! I'm going to the simple living forum now to see what they are talking about. THANKS!

    Monica...get to decluttering and creating that playroom.