Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Does a Girl Do Instead of Blog? Shop!

Well not really shop b/c I'm saving money for adoption, but you know I know how to save a dime. I've been thrifting, freecycling like crazy (I'm a lot addicted and some of the things I've gotten you just wouldn't believe...later date) and figuring out what I have of value in my home and getting rid of stuff I don't want. For me and baby; I am VERY proud. Would you like to see what I've gotten? Glad you asked.  

I am a design maniac!  I've decided to leave the design blogs (and apparently blogging in general...is anyone there anymore) to those more focused than I but I live and die by great design.  Over the past few years I've been in a funk and so has my design but as of 40 I've taken my life and design back.  Since I'm saving for adoption I'm being a bit more creative than normal and having fun.  Who knew of all the things I could find.  When I saw this table it was love but not at couple grand price tag! Hmmm...thinking....

I can make that.  I found this drum at the thrift store for $6.  I still need to buy a glass top but you get the idea.  Check out my midcentury lamp on top.  ADORE.  It needs to be rewired and painted (not sure of color yet) but for the great design and $8 gotta love it!

Next on the list are two rocking chairs I had for years that I bought from a neighbor for like nothing when they moved.  I was thinking about selling them but when I put them on Craigslist my email started blowing up.  I thought, maybe I was too hasty.  Why am I of all people not checking this out more...I was in this decluttering phase so I really didn't care but I stopped in my tracks. 

I did a little recon and found out on 1stdibs that my chairs made in 1950 are by Lawrence Peabody; once refinished they will be worth a cool $2400! I think I'll keep them. That's my kid's inheritance! LOL (I bet you'll stop laughing at my thrifting and yard sale shopping now won't you!).  Don't hate me because I'm a beautiful, 40 year old shopping diva extraordinaire (you see I had to throw beautiful in there...someone has to tell me this if it is ONLY me! HA)!  

Moving on to this little bench ($10) that now has a special place at the foot of my bed (although that picture is the wall in my room).  I just love how different it is (I should probably paint it but due time).  I'll never see this in anyone else's home.  

I also must tell you that yesterday I came up on the Grandaddy of all deals but I can't tell you just yet.  I must show you and I'm not sure when that will be.  Sorry.  Some good things are just worth waiting for.  

Also, I know I'm supposed to post pictures of my organization but haven't taken any.  Next up...clothing finds.  

What are your best home finds...on sale, thrift, garage or yard sale?  


  1. Glad you are having fun! I love watching those design shows when they get really resourceful. Can't wait to see your coffee table.

  2. Great shopping! Good thing you checked out those rockers :-)

  3. I love your items and I definitely understand your passion. I found about shopping in thrift and antique stores about 16 years ago. I was in a thrift/antique store and saw this Rattan dining room set with 6 chairs. The chairs had this wonderful scroll on the back of chair and this striped beige upholstered material. So I slowly walk up to it, the glass was a smoky color. I just knew it was going to be about 700.00 since in the catalogs I had seen them for about 1500 - 2999. The man said $450.00!! I said I only have $390.00 could he hold it if I put half down. He looked at me and saw that I really wanted it. I had been in his store before because I had just moved into my apartment and he had wonderful items. He sold it to me! I looooved that dining room set and so did others when they visited my home. The store has been long gone but Charlie (may he rest in peace) was the best!!! As long as I lived there I shopped his store, I still have wonderful pieces from shopping there.

  4. I do NOT have the patience. Or the creativity. Nice ideas!

  5. great ideas...I just started following!

  6. Hi Lorrie! Thanks for following my random thoughts about life and being 40.