Sunday, May 31, 2009

7 is my Favorite Number

It is my day of birth.  

My lucky number.


The number of days until my birthday!


What shall I do for my birthday?  


Any suggestions out there?  


  1. Think of your best ever birthday you've had as a child or adult and relive that memory - could be kind of funny seeing a load of 40 somethings playing twister or pass the parcel!

  2. Janette-

    Oh yes, we play twister at my monthly game parties and it is a riot! We laugh until our bellies hurt. I have to think about my best birthday ever.

  3. No suggestions on how to celebrate but I hope you have a great one!!! I love birthdays!

  4. By yourself those diamonds! I financed mine two years ago and they were worth every penny!

  5. Sorry---BUY yourself those diamonds!

  6. HEY, we share a birthday!!! Except I am going to be 46!! I am planning a birthday week also - Kinda scary, huh?

    My birthday is the 7th and my anniversary of my daughter coming HOME (another coincidence for you and me: Ethiopia TOO) is the 9th!! She was only 7 months old. It is going to be a cake and ice cream filled week :)

    My daughter's arrival was the best birthday EVER but the first one I can remember was when I was four: a big Italian family birthday with aunts/uncles/cousins galore in the backyard.

    I'll be thinking of you Birthday Pal!! Many Happy Returns :)

    Serendipity is a VERY COOL THING!!

  7. Tracy yeah!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that?????? This will be my last birthday as a single woman because Baby I will be home next year!!!!! I'm major excited! That was a great birthday gift! How fabulous! How old is she now? Have some ice cream for me! LOL

  8. My daughter is two and a half. She is the light of my life. For my birthday we have cake and ice cream and for OUR anniversary: ICE CREAM CAKE!!! yum.

    For my fortieth b-day I put a sun room on my house. ALL glass top to bottom. A total vista of nature... without the BUGS!! LOL

    5 days... :-)