Thursday, December 25, 2008

bah humbug, with love.

Well, another Christmas is here.  As much as I want to be happy I have the case of bah humbugs.  I just want this day to be over!  I want tomorrow to be here.  The economy stinks.  Jobs are scarce.  Let's not talk about my IRA (I won't even open the envelope now).  My house is lonely and wayyyy to quiet.  I want kid noise.  I thought my adoption would be completed by now and it isn't.  I'm tired of spending Christmas alone, I would love a house full of kids (maybe not house full 2 or 3) and a man to spend it with.  I mean someone I actually love and want to be with.  At 39.6 I'm ready (I've been ready to settle down).  So, to all my blog friends (and new readers) don't you have any cute, single, sane, and financially stable male friends you can hook me up with?  I'm determined by next December to have at least one little pitter patter in my house and a man to share it with (no, I don't have to be married by then, but he can have dinner with us and buy me gifts!).  

OK...enough of my B@#& fest!  I hope you have or had a wonderful day.  

Bah humbug, with love!


Merry Christmas!  :-) 


  1. I hope you get some big pitter patter (a man) and little feet (a baby) running around by next year. As for the man thing I have found the problem, you have asked for the most difficult 4 way combination possible- cute, single, sane, and financially stable. This man that you seek is a rare breed because if he is single, sane and financially secure you better believe he ain't cute or if he is then you have to remove sane from the list (there is a reason he is alone) OK just kidding before the guys come after me I am JUST KIDDING.
    There are some really really great guys out there but they can be hard to find. Do you ever feel that he is already in your life but you just don't recognize him as an option? Maybe a good friend or someone else you communicate with who technically has everything that you want...
    What do you think?

  2. Merry Christmas! I hope you get everything on your wish list.

  3. Tami - I am right there with ya! I am hoping for all the same for the new year! Ali

  4. Hi Tami,

    I'm also adopting from Ethiopia and things have been delayed at the earlier phase due to crazy paperwork issues. It can be disheartening, but we have to stick with it. Also, there is some bigger reason for these delays. You just won't know what it is for a while.


  5. Sweetie, sorry, but if I knew a cute, single, sane, and financially stable male I would own him myself! Hope you had a good day...

  6. I married a guy who was single, sane, and cute to my eye! The financial piece is missing big time but the man loves me like no one could.

    I prayed for a husband for years and years and years and my heart broke from disappointment after disappointment in my quest for the baby I longed for. I finally gave up and tried to exercise acceptance figuring it wasn't meant to be.

    All of a sudden I am in Ethiopia picking up a baby AND meeting my husband...on Christmas day!!! And I was 41. Now - out of nowhere - we got a call to adopt another child and she's here.

    Keep hanging on to hope and staying close to what your heart is longing for. The gifts come in the most unexpected and delightful of ways.

  7. Hi Tami!

    Your blog entries always make me smile. Here's a little encouragement for you. When I was 39.11, my wish list looked exactly like yours. I was single, wanted to be married, wanted to be a mom, and just wanted the holidays to be over! By the next Christmas, I was engaged, KNEW I would be a mother and was really enjoying being in my 40s. Girlfriend, I couldn't wait to leave those 30s behind! Continue to live your life to the fullest as a single woman, and all of your heart's desires will become your reality. By the way, the things you want in a mate ARE wanted by every single woman I know. But you know what, ain't nothing wrong with that. You only need one guy that fits the bill and HE IS OUT THERE! By the way Tami, PLEASE hang in there with the adoption roller coaster. You will be such a great and fun mommy!

    Love to You!

  8. Nancy and PJD,

    Thanks for your advice on where to find my man. I'm going to keep holding on to my heart and Nancy you are right my blessing may come in an unexpected way. PJD I don't think I know him yet but who knows...who knows.

  9. Pat,

    Thanks for the encouragement! I believe you are right and I'm determined to live my life to the fullest no matter what! Thank you for sharing your story and I'm just looking forward to all of my new adventures.

  10. Darn, I know someone but I don't think he would leave NY...Sorry.

  11. Dawn,

    Did I forget to say I would relocate for the right one? :-)

  12. Okay. Should I send him the link to your blog???

  13. That's fine. My email is on the blog if he would like to contact me after he reads that I am completely insane and he would like to continue anyway! LOL Just jokes, just jokes...LOL the insane part that is. :-)