Sunday, December 7, 2008


Thanks for coming to my new blog.  For some of you this may be your first encounter with me. And for others you may have come to know and love me (or not!!!) via my adoption blog, but either way…I’m glad you came and WELCOME to Middle Rageously.  

You are probably asking yourself.   What is Tami up to now?  Yea, I ask myself that everyday! Here’s the deal.  I turn 40 in 6 months.  Yes, I’m a Gemini and that explains my ADHD or should I say my extreme creativity.  So, instead of being sad about the big 4-0, trying to lie about it, or avoiding it all together, I’ve decided to embrace it.  After all, they say 40 is the new 30, 20, 10 or whatever the heck it is today.   I just know one thing, I’m glad my 30's are almost over! 

While many of you may feel differently, how do I say this nicely…there is no other way than to just say it… My 30's SUCKED!   Life simply wasn’t what I thought it would be in my 30's.  My how quickly a decade passes.  I’m determined not to let another one go to waste!  Because I believe in research, I looked for other blogs and resources that celebrated the 40's, but I was hard pressed to find any that represented my life.  No one looked like my friends or me. Meaning, we don’t look 40, act 40 (whatever that is) and are not giving up simply because we have hit some predetermined mileage or middle age.  So, since I couldn’t find what I was looking for I decided to create it.

Middle Rageously is that place where we are proving life is better now than it was in our 20's and 30's.   It’s where we are finally living for ourselves and without fear of failure or of standing in judgment of other people.  We are living amazing outrageous lives that are not dependent on our age because we defy all odds.   Remember aging gracefully?  We hear that and laugh (or cringe).  We don’t want to age gracefully…we want to be outrageous, kick aging in the a$@ and continue to live our lives, better than we ever have before because we finally know who we are and aren’t afraid to say it, show it or be it.  Here at Middle Rageously you will find:  

• Insights about our new position in life (Say it loud, say it proud!)
• Beauty (my gray was cute at 15, acceptable at 25, UH NO at 40)
• Health (I hear an apple a day keeps the doctors away and a cup of green tea will keep those wrinkles at bay)
• Fashion (No frou-frou or Talbots here)
• Gossip (what our sisters in LaLa land are doing to make us proud…or not so much)
• Inspiration to keep you going (okay, maybe this is for me but you can read too)
• Family (I’ve learned to ignore mine better)
• Exercise (workout to save your metabolism, I beg you)

...And, much, much more.  If you have suggestions, see topics or articles that you would like my unique spin on send me an email. If you would like to be a guest blogger send me an email. Anyone who knows me knows I love to get other people involved…just call me a giver. ☺


  1. Yippee your new blog!!!!!

    The 40's are way better than the 30's and forget the 20's altogether! I'm 44 and it is better. So come on over to the 40's girl! You're going to love it.

  2. Well this should be fun!!!! Sorry I'm hanging hard to my 30's even though it sucks... terribly. But I will be here with you for the ride.


  3. hey, if you want to celebrate 40 you can celebrate me!! :P

  4. HEY Tami!!!! Glad you are back in the groove --- inspite of the "appearance" of a set-back, you've made a nice come back.

    Check you snailmail soon!!!!!

  5. Hey Tami,

    This is great! And, should be a lot of fun...can't wait to read more!

  6. Yay Tami!! This is a great idea. I'm 43 now - I feel 10 years younger - but with the wisdom of a 43-year old woman. It's pretty great. The 40's are going to go down as my best decade - I know they will for you too :-)

  7. Hi Tami,

    I'm glad to see you back too! I really enjoyed your other blog and think this one will be great as well. I am also part of the 40's group. I'm 47 but quickly heading to the 50's (that's a little scary but what are you gonna do). I must say my 40's have been the greatest decade (so far) and I wouldn't change a thing.

  8. Thanks Ladies! I'm glad to be back and very excited about the blog. This should be fun. Thanks for coming along, I didn't want to leave you all!

    Oh and Robbin we'll let you come along for the ride, maybe you will learn something for when your time comes. LOL

  9. Tami,

    I love being 40. You can't pull the crap on me I took in my 20's and 30's. I love it!!

    I like your new blog too.

  10. Hey Tami! Fellow Gemini and friend in turning 40 in just yes 6 months! 40 is the new 20s but smarter -- Let's celebrate it!

  11. Waving hello!!! Welcome to Fortiesland!

    Love your blog already, can't wait to read more!!!!

  12. Great new blog!! I have to say I agree that the 30s were not what I hoped and the 40s are shaping up to be awesome!!

  13. Hey Tami,

    Love your new blog!

    Welcome to the "forty's club." The best is yet to come. I would not turn back the hands of time for NOTHING in the world. Especially, with ALL the wisdom I now have at age 46.


  14. Tami,
    I love your new blog girl! I'm not in the 40 club yet, but I am just a few years behind you! I am happy to see you back on the blogging scene.

  15. I'm right behind you to turn 40. Still hanging onto my 30's even though it hasn't turned out the way I had hoped. All I can do is plan to make the 40's what everyone else seems to say will be better times. I had so much fun at 20! Can I go back there?

  16. Kamili, no we can't go back to 20! Yikes, I don't want to!

  17. Tami,
    Love the new blog. So much fun and interesting stuff to read. I've been planning my 40th celebration for about a year now and I've got three years to go! Well, maybe planning isn't the best way to describe it. More like brainstorming... LOL