Monday, December 22, 2008

I Heart Coconuts

Coconuts where have you been all of my life?  I ignored you I know.  You weren’t sexy enough for me, so I thought.  Yes, I read you were full of antioxidants and that you do a body good. Okay, you told me that you would keep my hair and skin silky, soft and smooth.  Yes, I know my family back in the Dominican Republic respect and adore you.  You know how we do when we move to America. But, I had no idea…

On a normal day my skin is a dry as an alligator’s tail but add winter to that and it is not a pretty sight.  No kidding.  It was always dry but as I’ve gotten older and I received my early gift (that’s what we are going to call my early menopause from now on) boy oh boy… I’m always looking for a cure all for this skin. I finally gave in and tried an inexpensive jar of coconut oil from Whole Foods. My only words are I Heart Coconuts! 

I have only been using my new found dry skin cure all for a week, but I can totally see a difference in my skin.  Using it twice a day, my skin is wayyyyyy soft, no longer dry, scaly and ashy.  When I take a shower I don’t feel super dry any more, I feel like the antioxidants from the coconuts are still in my skin…that’s a nice feeling.

I also use the coconut oil on my hair overnight before I wash as a pre-conditioning treatment. It makes a difference in how my curls feel and fall.  It helps take the frizz out.  I sometimes use what’s left as a moisturizer for my face, the verdict is still out on that one, but it can’t hurt.  Remember, antioxidants and we like that word!

I’m getting rid of all of that cutesy, smelly stuff in my cabinet that doesn't help with my dry skin.   It just takes up too much space.  If I want to smell better than a coconut I’ll put on perfume…right now smelling like a coconut and being soft works for me.  

So, this is my formal apology to Mr. Coconut for all my years of neglect. I’m sorry, you are so sexy and do a body good…I heart you!

Does anyone else have a love affair with coconut oil? I know I can’t be the only one.


  1. Coconut oil is too rich for me, but I am starting to feel the same about almond oils and almond butter and almond everything. I just saw your old blog and am loving the new one!

  2. Hi Moretta! Welcome! I remember using almond oil when I was in college...hmmm maybe I'll try that one next...or maybe in the spring when I don't require the heavy duty stuff! LOL

  3. Oh Tami, I have to come back and pour through your new blog...

    Your hair looks so fabulous so red like that - love it!


  4. hmm.. must break it out again. i have used it on my hair (years ago) but i need something to help with this dry skin!!

  5. I'm buying some! I heart coconut too, but in food. I have heard coconut oil is really good to cook with. I'll try it as a moisturizer for my girls.

    I too have been blessed with the early "gift" though I'm not quite there.

  6. HI Tami, I followed your adoption blog and loved it. Now I am a huge fan of this blog. Although I won't be forty for another 6 years, your blog has me so excited about turning 40!! Thank You for just being an inspiration. My dream has always been to be one of the "seasoned" women in the Essence know the lady who was 94 but looked 74! Well I am rambling...thanks again!

    wife of Bob
    mom to Anthony (5) & Anderson (19 months)

  7. Hi Tanisha! I'm glad you are excited about turning 40! So am I! I also have a dream of being in Essence when I get older. I've always had that dream and I plan to do it!

    Thanks for following the new blog. BTW, did you or are you adopting?

  8. I did adopt my oldest from Ethiopia 3 years ago. Now we are in the process of adopting a baby girl from there. We just started the paperwork last month when my youngest son turned 18 months.