Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Reality Check

This weekend I went to my mother’s 60th birthday party.  I had a great time with my mother and family. All weekend we laughed, joked and did as family does…talked about each other. It is always funny (and a tad bit scary) to me that I can now “hang” with my mother and her friends because I’m of age. I still remember the days when they couldn’t have certain conversations because kids (me) were in the room. Now, they have all kinds of conversations, but the ones I enjoy most (not really) are the ones where they talk about all of their ailments.

Friday night about 9 of us were playing Tripoly (a very fun card game) and the conversation went something like this:

My #3 and #4 bone in my spine bother me
It’s #2 and #3 in mine
Oh, it’s #4 and #5 in mine
My finger jumps for no reason
I just think my back went out
I can’t see the print…can I borrow someone’s glasses
I’m hot, open up the sliding doors
Whew…I thought it was just me…I’m hot too

At this point I started looking at all of them and I just busted out laughing. They said you just wait. Aging is no fun! And we can’t wait for you to start having your own private summers because you will see. I laughed again and said yeah, yeah...I’m fighting all of that stuff and as far as menopause…Did you forget, I’ve been in menopause since I was 35 thanks to the fertility doctor that jacked me up?

Ah…premature menopause…lovely! But thanks the drugs I take EVERYDAY I don’t have the hot flashes and some of the other side effects they try to scare you about and trust me I was petrified about them! But I’m all good…mostly, extra dry skin and slow a@# metabolism aside. 

So, while my mother and her friends have their private summers…I pop a pill. Most of you reading this haven’t started the big M yet so I’ll be schooling you on it but my first word of wisdom is: You are what you think you are!  I don't really know what the big hoopla is all about.  Life is no different for me except I take a pill and I don't buy tampons monthly...now that is great!  Life is Good!  


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