Friday, December 26, 2008

The Finishing Touch

Beauty can be painful is a phrase I often remember when I make my bi-weekly trip to have my lip waxed.  As I’ve gotten older the trips have become more frequent.  I remember laughing at my grandmother as she plucked the hairs on her lip and chin…now, not so funny.  Even with waxing trips I still have a need for in between plucking or an increase to my waxing budget.  Karma or age?  You choose.  

Since I’m looking for every place where I can save a few dollars, I thought why not look here also.  I’ve stopped going to the salon as often, I do my own manicures and pedicures now, but it is mandatory that I get this here lip waxed.  I do pluck but have you ever plucked the entire top of your lip in lieu of waxing? OUCH!  $#@!  Beauty can be painful, there has to be a better way.  
The Finishing Touch $9.99

I let the little hairs grow out a couple of extra days because I wanted to make sure I could see the little suckers (don’t worry, no dates on those days).  I must be honest, I was a little skeptical about The Finishing Touch, but I tried it anyway.  I kind of felt like my brother shaving his moustache, so ladies do this in private.   In the end my lip was just as soft as if I had waxed minus the OUCH.  The downside is (because this isn’t a wax) the hair will probably grow back twice as fast (imagine that) so I plan to continue waxing, but this will help cut down my budget just a tad and will eliminate the OUCH factor.

Bottom Line: I thought The Finishing Touch was a great buy.  Has anyone else tried The Finishing Touch and have any comments?


  1. I haven't tried it but I enjoyed reading your review. Since you are on the topic of hair removal I think I will try these pads that I see on tv, oyu just buff away leg hair. So many things to try so little time :-)
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Thanks!!! You gave me my first comment...I was sooooo excited. LOL! I love this shaver. I use it for my eyebrows and let's face it the same reasons you do. :P

  3. Impressive list.
    Looks like 2009 will be full of adventures for you.

    We have some common interests: martial arts, writing for a newspaper, the PCH, de-cluttering, etc. I have also given myself the task of organizing a book of stories from family & friends. To date, not one person has submitted a thing…hmmm.

    Not sure how to motivate these relatives of mine. Hope you have better luck with the genealogy task.

    May all your dreams come true in the new year.

    Fellow 40 list tackler, Heather

  4. I haven't tried this product. Nice write-up though :)

  5. For 9.99 you probably can't go wrong. I use Nair to great effect, but I have to be careful that I don't keep it on too long. I make sure I'm not going out in public for 24 hours after in case there is some redness.

  6. Haze, I've used it again since the initial is pretty good and I can go outside right afterwards! You should try it!