Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Even Millionaires are Idiots

Have you ever watched Millionaire Matchmaker with Rageous woman Patti Stanger?  Now, everyone doesn't like it but I think she is a hoot!  Plus I get a chance to see that even millionaires are idiots and from the cheap seats...I don't feel so bad.  I usually don't believe in misery loves company, however in this case I do make an exception.  If you participate in Millionaire Matchmaker you kinda set yourself up for whatever haterade you get.  I'm just sayin'. 

Over the weekend I was watching on of the shows and Patti went the $%2* off about men.  She said there is a problem with men today and something really needs to be done about it.  The fact that they don’t follow through. They promise to call, they’re flaky, they ask you out at the last minute. They don’t respect people’s schedules. They don’t really have any manners. They don't court women anymore.  She wanted to know what were we going to do about this?

Good question Patti.  You are the matchmaker--what are we going to do?  Blogosphere?

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  1. LOL..good post! I watch the show sometimes when bored...thanks for the info on the shelves..I think I will just pass...makes me to nervous..I cant stand holes in the wall!