Friday, April 17, 2009

In The Dating Trenches

Wednesday I had two dates, one at 5:00 and one at 8:30.  Both were interesting and since we get so much enjoyment out of my dating life, I thought I would share (although I have missed telling you about a few).

So, I met this guy who worked in DC but lived in MD and caught the train into the city for work.   His suggestion for our first date was that I drive 40 minutes to where he lived so he could take me to Olive Garden.  Hmmmm.  No thanks. I’m not a chain restaurant type of a woman and certainly not traveling 40 minutes for a first date.  I believe that was a date I went to when I was like 25 not 39.  As one of my male friends said: FLAG.  As he tried to convince me to drive 40 minutes for Olive Garden, I suggested we meet the next day in the city.

The next day it was raining, so I drove past his job and picked him up so we could find a restaurant around his job.  He suggested the Channel Inn (a 2-3? star hotel).  I said “REALLY?  Channel Inn?  No, Way!  Old Guys (acting like playas, with their mistresses) go there.”  He said "only on Thursdays."  I told him emphatically NO.  He said "fine we can go anyplace you want to go."   Great.  Let’s go to the lobby bar in the Mandarin (a 5 star hotel). I pull up and you can only valet and he says, “Oh, you are rolling like that?” I just look at him and get out of the car.  I have a friend who is a sales manager there so I call him to come save me. He comes and has a drink with us then covers the first round.  It takes my dates 10 minutes to ask me if I wanted another drink (remember he didn’t pay for the first round) then 10 more minutes to see if I wanted an appetizer.  At 7:00 I say, I have to go pick up my friend.  As we are leaving we both have to go to the restroom but remember my car is in valet. He hasn’t yet said "let me get your car for you."  Well, I do what any self-respecting woman would do and give him my valet ticket and say "please get my car while I am in the restroom."  He looks at me like I am crazy but gets my car.  That’s what he gets for trying to take me to Olive Garden and Channel Inn… As Steve Harvey says in his new book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, "Men respect standards: get some and men will rise to the occasion if they are interested in you." 

Moving on to the next date. It was a quick meet and greet because I couldn’t take much more after the other guy so it was Starbucks.  The guy was very attractive and had the body of a 22 year old and unfortunately a brain to match.  He was pretty immature and I didn’t get the idea he was that bright.  I left the old soul for the I don’t want to grow up kid.  ARGHHHH.  Don’t get me wrong, they were both “nice” guys but alas not for me.


Have a great weekend!


  1. Hmm, How did I miss those two dates... I agree with your friend that was definitely a FLAG I would have ignored!!! Yuck. Oh please Tami Dating Guru, please keep flagging. We need to really start respecting the flag. I don't know much about football but I think you STOP when you see the flag! too funny!

  2. Hey I thought a month or so ago you had had a few dates with the same guy and it was going ok? what happened?

  3. Barbara that guy ended up being a bust. You know me I keep it moving! :-)

  4. Sorry I am in tears. Could it be time for a change of venue???

  5. DWS I'm sure it is time for a change of you have one for me? I'm trying everything I know. My friend just introduced me to someone so I'll keep you posted. I have a few more online dating stories to post and an ex has resurfaced. My sumer should not be boring that is for sure.

  6. Well, I think it should be a place you really like that will give you an opportunity to do whatever it is you think you really want to do. And unless the women outnumber the guys 7 to 1, you should have no problem meeting someone.

    I think every locale has its share of knuckleheads but the one you currently reside is in an extra special case. I had to bounce. Good Luck!