Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Cougar: 1 Woman, 20 Younger Men

Last night I tried to be a good rageous reporter for you guys and finally watch The Cougar hosted by Vivica Fox.  


I'm not sure which was harder to watch:
  • Vivica's tightly altered face 
  • Vivica prancing around in clothes that screamed: hey I'm over 40 and trying really, really hard to have someone look at me and think I'm hot
  • Vivica's hair with the big bangs.  I was thinking...why'd she go and do that?  
  • the young men trying hard not to call the woman "old" and then replacing it for Cougar
  • the guys who still have adolescent bodies try to make it with a 40-something woman
  • those same "men" acting like teens in an effort to win her affection...rapping, juggling, performing a tired lap dance
  • boring, monotone Stacey in general   
Oh man, this show is the worst!  After 20 minutes of it I could no longer do it.  I will not.  REPEAT.  Will not, watch The Cougar again.  Ok, maybe next season to see if the show has gotten any better; I do need something to write about after all.   

INMHO this is a show not worth watching.  I'd rather do laundry, clean my house, organize shelves...heck clean my toilets!  I'll even come clean yours, but please don't make me watch this show again!  

Has anyone else watched The Cougar?  Am I off base?  


  1. I haven't watched it, but note my comment above. There are some great looking 40-somethings out here. However, I was not talking about Vivica.

    I think there is something to be said for accepting where you are and looking good in that space. Not attempting to alter yourself to look like you did 20 years ago. Because you will look like you are TRYING to look like you did 20 years ago but you didn't quite pull it off.

  2. This show is the worst. I caught five minutes of it yesterday, and just tried to watch a few more today. It makes me unconformable and angry watching an old lady lecturing and then making it with these young guys. It doesn't make it right to cradle rob just because old men do it! Not to mention that this lady has nothing in common with the youth. She is just plain BORING! This show now beats The Hills in my book for the very worst.