Saturday, August 22, 2009

Book Update

I have figured out my book!  Yes!  

Sidebar:  I met this guy online and after each point made he would put YES!  I of course never met him, very annoying and a little scary I might add.  BTTB (this texting has me all messed up)...Back to the book.

You will know more about it this week, which we know may mean next week for me.  I'm working on the book and book proposal now but in the meantime guess what?  I'm going to have another blog!  LOL  I can't keep up with the 2 I have now, but this one is a necessity for the book so If You Think You're Lonely Now: can catch me at the other blog AND I do expect full participation!

Have a great weekend! Anything fun going on?


  1. A book? Cool! (or should I say Yes!)

    I'm looking forward to learning more about it and following your third blog. I started a book a year or 2 ago but haven't touched it in months.


  2. OMG a third blog. I'm insane. Get a life!

  3. I can't even keep up with the one I've got and will probably wind it down soon... I want your job whatever it is...

  4. Barb...I don't have a kid, facebook, myspace or twitter. lol Ok I have twitter but I don't tweet.

  5. Tami,I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog! Totally hilarious and very sincere..God bless you in your adoption journey!