Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wrong Target Market

Yesterday, I received a clothing catalog in the mail and was excited because I thought it was my beloved Anthropologie.  At second glance it wasn't, it was Urban Outfitters.  Hmmm.  I've never received a catalog from them I thought.  I haven't purchased any clothes from there since college.  I have seen some cute, funky items for my house, but  I wondered, how did I get on the mailing list considering I'm a little past their target marketing age.  Well, maybe there was something cute in the catalog I thought.  

Hmmmmm.  Nope!

Again.  How did they get my information?  They should ask for their money back for my name on that list they purchased.  What a rip-off!  Clearly, I'm not in their target group!  Where is my Anthropologie catalog?  

What catalogs are you waiting for?  

Urban Outfitters Early Fall '09 Catalog 


  1. Those clothes are hideous. What parent would allow their young daughter to wear the first two?

    I love my Anthropologie catalog.

  2. I hardly ever get catalogs anymore. I wonder what happened? I saw that you're looking for a dog. I am so not the one to ask. It's so hard. My Jack is the cutest ever but Yorkies are so hard to train.

  3. might like UO...they have other nice stuff for your home that you would love. dont give up on them just yet

  4. LOL I have received so many mags that I have never requested and the clothes were soooo ugly they should not have even created a catalog! Honestly I ordered enough this summer so I am just waiting on my Essence

  5. Selling your name can mean hundreds of dollars to them as a "hot lead." I spelled my name incorrectly on my VS catalogue. Within two months, I received about six catalogues with the same typo...

  6. Hi -

    I think UO and Anthro might be owned by the same parent company so maybe that is how you ended up on their mailing list.