Tuesday, August 11, 2009


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I'm crazy busy these days always seeming like I'm doing nothing.  I'm still working on enjoying my 40s...I'll let you know when that happens.  In the meantime see if you can decipher this:

My BFF went to Tarjay and bought me this periodic text table so she/we could understand all the new lingo.  TBH, I thought texting was NBD until this chart.  Man, it's really FMTYEWTK!  Def!  However, I will admit some are NTK so I don't look like a L7.  

So, if you have a QT or Sk8r at home then U2 will be sending me THX BTA DKDC just may be easier.  MLAS!




  1. Er...I'm KonFOOsd. Tam, I'm so mad. The earrings just came back to me. The entire address was torn off and I stuck it on extremely well. The padded enveloped was cut through with a blade of some sort. I opened it and the earrings were perfect in their box. So, back they go, I mail jewelry all the time and have never had this happen. :(

  2. OMG - I need this chart. You are now prepared to parent.

  3. My son is sitting here with his friends and they say they haven't heard of half of these. Maybe I should be getting him one of these too!

  4. Oh gourd, I text my kids like crazy now after getting the riot act from Trish at ttwcreative.blogspot.com!!! But I don't know that much lingo at ALL!