Friday, August 14, 2009

False Alarm

Well, after a second visit AND a new adoption counselor, I decided against the puppy.  I really liked her, but I think she had a lot too much energy and I would have had to take her back to the rescue (to be rescued from me) if she started chewing my Noguchi table.  

Jus' keepin' it real.  


  1. lol. Well, that was the RIGHT thing to have done, Tami. Our little guy is driving me insane. at 4:00 in the morning, he's whining away in his (large) crate, wanting breakfast and a pee. Don and I are propping up out eyelids at the moment.

  2. Sounds like you made the right choice. My Mom had a MinPin (purebred, and thus hypoallergenic), he was sooo sweet.

  3. Better to figure it out now than later...