Monday, August 31, 2009

My Book- Assistance Needed

I decided NOT to start a 3rd blog!  Are you freakin' kiddin' me?  I woke up a smelled the coffee?  I'm purging my life not making it more difficult.  So, this little 'ole blog of mine may have to change some but I'll figure out what the heck it is sooner or later.  Just roll with me.  In the meantime...if you didn't receive my personal email consider yourself lucky, you just get to read it here.  It is about my book.  I beg you (I don't beg often) please participate AND if you have a blog you can post something and ask people to help me out.  I would be forever in your debt!  I'll send you a book when published.  ;-)  But remember I'm pretty slow when it comes to mailing things!  LOL

Here goes it:

Call For Recession Lesson Submissions

My name is Tami; I’m an education consultant, entrepreneur, blogger, and potential adoptive single parent who has just realized (ok, maybe it's been a while) that I am about to become a parent during one of the worst economic climates in history. I worry about maintaining a stable life for my family today and tomorrow in light of all of that is going on in the world today. I know I’m not the only one with these concerns. Everyone is talking about it; someone should write a book about it in "real speak." Hey, great idea! Why don't I write that book? So, I’m reaching out to you for your assistance…I am interested in finding out how the recession has affected you.  

I don’t know about you, but the spendthrift days for me are gone. This economic setback has turned into the longest recession EVER. No one wants to use the D (depression) word for fear of a global meltdown, right??? But, I am sure we can all agree, this “recession” isn’t ending any time soon or maybe it just isn’t ending fast enough for us regular folk. Nevertheless, I’m getting used to it and have made adjustments for my new recession lifestyle. Who knew this would turn into a ”lifestyle”? However, after listening to friends, acquaintances, and the media, I realized this isn’t only my lifestyle; this is a new attitude many are taking hold of in some shape or form.  

People that once spurned thrift stores, coupons, sales, dollar nights, hand-me-downs, or anything thrifty are now looking to save a dime any way they can. So, my questions for you are:
• How has the recession changed your life and/or relationships?
• What things have you given up?
• What are you doing (examples please) to save money?
• What lessons have you learned?
• Once the economy is stable, will you return to your old habits? If so, which ones? Why?
• Have you prepared yourself for the future regardless of what it holds? Please explain.
• If you haven’t made any lifestyle adjustments, why not?

Answer one question or answer them all. Tell a story, make it funny, heartfelt or even a tearjerker, just be sure to include who, what, where, why and how the recession has affected you and how you have adjusted for it. The best advice, lessons and stories will be used as part of a book compilation of short stories about the recession. Don’t forget those cost saving examples!

Submission deadline: October 5, 2009
Include*: First Name or Initials; City, State
Email to:
*Optional: If interested and available for follow-up questions, please include your name, contact information, and best time to reach you.  

Thank you for your participation and for playing nicely in the sandbox with me!


  1. ok i have one for you, but i'm too tired to write about it. i'll email...

  2. Hey, Tam, I haven't forgotten...just been working my rear end off trying to get all this flu info ready for the magazine. Back with some comments soon. (R)

  3. LOL! As I was writing that I caught, out of the corner of my eye, your "Get nude pictures taken." You are a hoot, really! (and to anyone confusing that with "hooch" it's a UK expression, meaning you are outrageously funny).

  4. Tami - where have you been? I saw a comment on my blog, but miss having your blog to read.