Friday, November 20, 2009

Can I Get a Do Over?

Tell me all of this gets better.

I’ve been absent because I’m trying to figure out WTH I’m going to do with my life. Unfortunately I keep thinking: “can I get a do over?”

So, since I can’t get a do-over. I’m learning how to deal with it all. This is it! or is that, This is it?

Dang, life has humbled me the past two years but I’m still here. I can't get a do-over so I'm trying to figure out how to do-now.

Let's see what I come up with.

Yes, the blog is bright red now. I'm so bored with the templates available that I decided to be in your I want to live my life now.


  1. Love the comic. I really love the ideal of a do-now!

  2. OK, the red is a bit bright on the retinas, but hey "Live ya life"! It fits as a Christmas theme! lol!

  3. Praying for you.


  4. Moni-

    Your eyes need some exercise! I'll work on getting a calmer color. ;-) Thanks Stephanie.

  5. @ Tami!

    LOL! Yes they do, eyes are shot girl!

  6. I missed the red!

    Hang in there, Tami. When you receive The Call you'll no longer want a do over.