Friday, November 13, 2009

A Question

I've been thinking about stopping the blog.  

I'm not sure if people are reading anymore since I've been negligent.  

If I don't stop what ideas do you have for posts so I can keep it daily (during the week) or at least more than once a week.  

I have so much on my plate that if this is wasted I might as well save the energy now.  

What does ye think?


  1. You can't stop this blog! I know it can be hard trying to figure out what to talk about, but as soon as you quit, you're going to think of everything you COULD HAVE posted...

    I suggest you start looking at the rocking 40 list and do more of them and post the outcome!

    You are interesting, you have great ideas, you can find the energy. Even if it's just a question you throw out there and want to see what comments you have answered. Listen, if they do another Blog convention next year, you need to attend. Plus, what happens we won't get a chance to meet your child, AND we need more voices for the 40 and up set. DON'T GO DAMMIT!!!

    *lol, at least you have someone who would miss you! :)

    Oh yeah, add a follower button! How are you going to know whose reading if you can't see them. Lurkers are one thing, knowing who your audience is is another!

  2. i say post what you can, when you can...or take a pen and paper and post things after you jot some ideas down. if not like i said post when you can....but let your readers know the deal so they wont unfollow you...thats if you plan on coming back...i aint tripping..

  3. I check several times a week for new posts from you!

    I can't comment from work, but I'm reading.

  4. I just put you on my blog list....but I am the WORST gal in the world about keeping my blog I do sympathize. HUGS

  5. I'm new to your blog, but the few weeks that I've been reading I love it. I agree about the followers button so that you know who your audience is...please keep the posts coming. I always check in~be blessed!

  6. Tami - dont leave - I know how hard it is to keep up (my blog is seriously outdated) but I look for your updates.