Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Deal of the Century

I wasn't sure if I was going to post about my huge bargains but, why the heck not.  

So, what had happened was... (Some of you may get this and others may not)

I put my stove on freecycle because it had a gas leak.  I decided not to get it fixed eventhough I loved the vintage look, I wanted something different.  Once I posted my stove a really nice woman emailed me and said she just bought a house with appliances she didn't want and I was welcomed to them.   Since I love a bargain (and rule #1 in my bargain handbook is: be prepared for a bargain at anytime) I said absolutely I'll come look.  Also, I knew the appliances had to be nice due to the location of the home.  So, I get there and what did I see?  A 36" Viking Professional stove, a 48" Sub Zero refrigerator and a 8' granite counter top!  I almost fell over with joy!   That is an understatement.  I was trying to play it cool though I'm not sure it worked. I just needed to figure out how to get the items home. 

After much drama, I am proud to report that my items are HOME!  I have a beautiful Viking gas stove that goes for $6,000 new and a gorgeous granite counter top with stainless sink that would go for at least $2,000.  I left the refrigerator; it was just too much drama to move because of the size and age along with the ventilation system.   Since I don't have to buy a stove or counter top for my kitchen remodel, I'll buy my own fancy shmancy refrigerator along with the ventilation system (I gave the old oven hood away because it looked like it could swallow my baby.  It was too massive and scared me.  I want something a little newer and more streamlined.  Heck, maybe someone else will give me a new refrigerator or oven hood; you never know when it comes to my deals!  Even if I have to purchase them I've saved at least $8,000 in kitchen items right now.  

Me singing: OH HAPPY DAY!

My beautiful stove.

The ginormous refrigerator I left.

The back of my very heavy and gorgeous countertop.         
The color of the granite is sitting on top. job is done now.  I'm going to admire (and clean my Viking).    

What is your best deal?


  1. Holy mmokes, woman, these are fantastic deals!!

  2. er, that should say holy 'smokes'

  3. WOW! Hot Dang... I think that I would have rented a truck and stored the frig or I would have called everyone that I knew who needed a frig. What a great deal but you and Tamistyles always find nice things. LOL

  4. Now see, where have I been to miss your blogs?

    1. Not alot of folks understand the importance of what you've been "blessed and highly favored" with. 2. You better cook every day of the week for yourself and the homeless! 3. Is the lady, you know (whispering....cuckoo??? hehehe) Not that she has to be crazy to understand the law of releasing---it's just that in today's recession (so called), not many folks are letting stuff go on Freecycle...opting to Yard sale stuff is what's been happening around here lately.

    GOOD JOB Tami!!!!!!

  5. Freecycle in DC is the bomb! Sorry (in CA right) it isn't. LOL Now, I just have to get the stove hooked up. I'll cook more but not everyday! LOL

  6. OM goodness Tami. Those are SUPER deals! That's good stuff!