Monday, May 4, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Remember that little lent thing of working out 'er day?  Yea, didn't happen.  

Remember my goal of being in better shape in year 40?  Yea, hasn't happened...yet.

I went on a date last weekend with an ex and he sent me pictures from the date.  YIKES.  He looked good (ok, he needs to loose weight but he's a comedian and he's fine with it, it's part of his routine, meanwhile I looked like I was very Hip. LITERALLY.  I never knew my hips were (or could get) so wide!  Yet, my date loved them.  He said I had woman curves now!  ROTFL  I was horrified.  I have a few too many curves, in a few too many places.  He even said, "hey did your boobs get bigger."  Yea, that's what happens with weight, it just goes everywhere!  ARGHH  I was pretty okay with my girl curves as he called them.  I don't know if I'll have them back again because once you hit that pause button you fight and fight and DARN IT fight for every freakin' ounce but this is ridiculous.  I'm not going out like a punk.  

Those pictures were scary!  I'm back in the gym with classes because obviously I need someone yelling at me.  Do you think I can tighten some of this up by my birthday in a month?  Let's hope so because I'm going shopping for my 40th and I would like to buy my normal size!  
So, the moral to the story is...take a picture...that will smack a bit of reality into your life!  

Any words of encouragement are welcomed!


  1. Tami -
    I just had the EXACT same picture shocking experience. I'm scared - very scared. I never had to do anything when I was younger, but now it is all hitting me. AHHHHH. ali

  2. Ditto. I just had this happen to me yesterday!! My hubbie took a bunch of photos of me doing yard work yesterday and I was like, "who is that lady?"

    Yeh - I'm with you. Time to get back into the work-out routine...again :)

  3. I hear ya, but no matter how good shape you get into, don't let anyone take one from behind. You'll never eat ice cream again.

  4. i just saw you yesterday and you are NOT hippy!!!
    don't believe this post, people. lies-all lies.

  5. You know what Laura????!!!!! I'll just send you that hideous picture! LOL Pictures don't lie.

  6. Oh yeah, and if the woman looking back at you bears a STRONG resemblance to your mother, well what can you do? Work with what ya got. There are some fly 40-somethings out here, yes it takes more work than it used to but like you said, I'm not going out like a punk! LOL