Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Well, the good news is I've been seeing someone and it isn't Bob!  We've only been going out a little over a week, but we have been together 7 of 9 days.  As you know this is a milestone for me because I normally don't make it past date #1.  Sad yet true.  So, far I haven't been able to pick him apart and he said he won't let me.  LOL  I'll keep you posted but it looks good; I do think he may be doing the Jedi Mind Trick on me or maybe, just maybe I've finally met someone who I may be compatible with.  I'm not looking for perfection just someone perfect for me or a better translation, someone who can deal with my shit and I can deal with his.  

We have the same cents of humor (yes, I meant cents because neither of us really think it's worth much) which is good or bad depending on the person.  For example: last night I was standing very close to him (after exchanging germs) and he said "huh, it's time to wax that moustache again."  I fell out laughing, covered my mouth and said "awww man...that's not right!"  It was funny though.  I thought I had a few more days honestly, but guess where I am going today?  WAXING!

Who in your life keeps you laughing and never seems to offend you?  As crazy as my life is, I definitely need laughter!


  1. Umm, ok, I think I would have actually taken a swing at him, but I love that you like him!! woo hoo!!

  2. Poor Bob!!! I just have to point a FINGER and say if I was a guy, I'd give my left man boob to be a fly on a wall for that exchange (hint hint hint LOL)

  3. So - what else are you waxing??

    Seriously, I hope this works out for you, Tami. I know you deserve romantic joy in addition to all the other goodies that life can bring.

  4. Barbara, normally I probably would have been offended but he never seems to offend me.


    Haze, I'm not waxing anything else besides my eyebrows. That other stuff HURTS!!!!!!! Shaving!

  5. Thats a great thing. yall both laughed and that was werent catching feelings and shit so good for you! i always say if you cant laugh with your partner it will be boring. i tell my man all the time his ass stinks when he is over there blowing wind and we laugh and laugh...and he does the same...small stuff but laughing at each other is cool. some relationships are to serious.