Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Giveaway #2: Any BITCH Can Cook

Ahhh...don't get your thongs all worked up and in a knot. BITCH is a term of endearment in this case.  Lil' Wayne or Snoop said the same thing didn't they?  

clearing throat

So, if you're a B(abe) I(n) T(otal) C(ontrol) of H(erself), but you're tired of thinking what to put on the table every night, this is the cookbook and apron for you! From Appetizers & Drinks (spinach balls, Texas Trash, & Bloody Marys) to Breads & Brunch (peach muffins, banana split muffins), Sandwiches & Soups; Salads & Sauces; Main Dishes; Vegetables; & Desserts, this cookbook is full of comfort food at its finest (and easiest).  Cookbook and apron: $50 value.

Have I cooked anything from this cookbook?  Of course not, I don't wonder about what to put on the table, cereal is cool with me.  

The contest will run through Wednesday, July 22nd.  Just leave a message here or email me and I'll enter you in the contest.   Not that I've mailed the prize from giveaway #1, but that is not the point.  I'm slow hitting the post office -you still win- I'll mail the prizes at the same time.   LOL  (Now you understand why I hate to post things on Ebay!)


  1. hahaha a term of endearment of course. I'd love to try and win this :)


  2. I totally LOVE that cover!!!!! It's an accessory.

  3. I'm not entering because I have enough cook books that I don't use. But just have to say that I LOVE the title of this one!