Friday, July 31, 2009

The Late Night Infomercial Suka

Yes, I'm the one who stays up late and (cough) makes infomercial purchases.

I've gotten:

A super duper drill that cuts through that thing!  Whatcha got?  I'll cut it for you!

A table brother broke it.

The Magic Bullet

Free Money Books...didn't get a dime.

Real Estate Investments...I own one house, mine!

A vacuum...I think???

Feet for a sewing machine to create new stitches...gave them away still in the box 2 months ago with the receipt from '99.

Windsor Pilates...I do it occasionally, as a matter of fact I took it out today!  

Some book about health...that should tell you because I can't even remember what it was.

Another money book...I just got it today, I'll tell you later.  I'm determined to find some free money, apparently, to pay for these things I keep buying off of infomercials!

I'm sure there are more that my memory has blocked out, but I've saved the best for last.

AND I'm ashamed to say...I bought Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty 3 months ago!  ROTFL

Sorry, I didn't take a picture and I couldn't find a larger picture online, okay I got too lazy.

Go ahead, I know you are laughing at me.  My dermatologist looked at me like I was crazy and had a good laugh.  I figured I might as well try it, she is beautiful, what do I have to loose.  Yes, I am the perfect consumer.  I should try sleeping more, it would keep me out of trouble.  So, here is the scoop on Cindy's product.

First, there are wayyyyyy too many products: eye, masque, decollete, morning, night, toner, cleanser, serum, creams.  Oy vey!  I was in the bathroom too long, but I admit I did like pampering the beginning.  In the end, I was like give me a break.  I don't have Cindy's money, I have crap to do.  So, I started skipping steps and that was that.  Did the products work you ask?  Somewhat.  I think they are good for sensitive skin, which I have.  I can't say that I saw any noticeable changes but things didn't get worse either.  My skin did feel nice.  I do really like the mask I will admit.  Oh, I also really like the serum but it is so small that it doesn't last a month so that could be kind of pricey.  The one thing that this kit did get me in the habit of doing is using a toner.  I now see the benefit and will continue but will probably use Burt's Bees as I really like their all natural products.  

Ok, there you have it.  Have at me or you can admit to your infomercial purchases also.  


  1. Tami.

    I used to be right there with you. I would buy stuff and think what do I have to lose.....uh money! I was addicted to QVC diamonique :-) But now all of my discretionary income goes to size 9 toddler shoes. Yes I'm now buying my daughter shoes she'll never wear instead of buying them for me. Somehow it seems not so bad????

  2. QVC isn't as big over here as in the States, so i've used it, but I have to admit I go to the Good Food Show every year and tend to purchase very useless kitchen items that have just sat in the cupboard gathering dust!

  3. LOL! I stay away from all the skincare items and makeup. I don't trust myself one iota. BTW I emailed you asking if you wanted the PINK earrings or the crystal ones. The rounded ones are the pinks. Are you OK with those?

  4. I can't comment on your skincare purchase because I have oodles of Arbonne at home.

    HOWEVER, you said you 'took out' your Windsor Pilates today. What I want to know is if you actually DID your Windsor Pilates today. LOL!!

  5. Haze,

    LOL. Nope, haven't done it yet. I just took it out. Maybe tomorrow! LOL