Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Product Review: Obagi Nu Derm Clear

As you read in my post yesterday Obagi Nu Derm is some strong stuff.  Apparently, there are people who swear by Obagi, but I am not one of them.  I have sensitive skin and it didn't work for me, it burned me thus making my hyperpigmentation worse.  My dermatologist (the real one) said I could use it on my back but I'm afraid to even use it there.  

As with most name brands it is expensive.  90 bucks!  But a little goes a long way.  I imagine this bottle would last a few months...If anyone uses this I have a bottle going real cheap.  

Has anyone had success from this or any Obagi product?  


  1. How much?

  2. I have heard mixed reviews on Obaji products. Most of them are pretty good, but I also have really sensitive skin. I'd hate for my sun spots to look worse than they do now. I think I'll talk to my dermatologist. Here is a link to a website that may buy the product from you if you haven't sold it yet. Thanks!