Monday, July 13, 2009

More Sequin Love

Silly rabbits, sequins don't equate to old age! I was too sick to do a fashion show of me rockin' sequins but I will.  They are definitely not for everyone, like vintage clothing, but they don't signify old age.  People Magazine had a poll about sequin pants and only 12% of the participants said they would wear this trend.  Not surprising that I am part of the small percentage; I've always had my own program and walked to my own beat on my own island.  

Angie Harmon (age 36), Blake Lively (age 21) and Eva Herzigova (age 36)

BTW, I feel better today.  I'm going to eat and drink like I've just gotten released from the hospital for the week.  I'm afraid of food right now.  Sickness is always a great way to loose a few pounds! ;-)


  1. I don't rock sequins too well. I always feel like I'm trying too hard when I wear them (how dumb is that?) However, I love their sparkle so much that I bought a multicolor sequin-covered beach bag and use it as an accessory in the summer. It really works well with something simple like jeans and a white shirt.

  2. Thanks Rosina for being my 1 sequin lover. LOL

  3. You are most welcome! I should post a pic of that bag. It's a lot of fun and a great mood elevator.

  4. Okay, so my 50+ year old friend is a silly rabbit....she's the one that told me about sequins and old age (LOL)! Go ahead and do you in the sequins then...but as for me and my butt, I'm sticking with my hippie-new-age-Lisa-Bonet-looking-100%-cotton-wash-n-wear fashion gear! (LMBO and thinking about me in sequins walking around Berkeley)....