Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Youthful Looking Nails?

Is there a such thing as youthful looking nails?  Do men really pay attention to your nails?  Do I really feel better if my nails are done?  I used to think the answer was no until recently.  

I used to be very high maintenance but it was hard on my purse and on my nerves.  I made (and am still making) an effort to pare down my lifestyle which included getting rid of those acrylic nails.  I continued to keep my nails trim and clean but I gave up fingernail polish (the toes stayed done) because it never stayed on very long.  I did find a few that stayed on a few days but it became too much trouble, so I just didn't bother.  

One of the things I have promised myself (for my 40s and beyond) is that I am always going to look good just for me which includes my nails.  As a result, a few months ago I started polishing my fingernails again, however I was using a neutral polish.  I loved the way it looked but I didn't think anyway else noticed.  I was wrong.  

The past few weeks several men (even twenty-somethings) have said how nice my hands and nails look.  One man said what color is that, peach?  WOW!  I always do my nails now.  The neutral dries fast and gives a quick gloss.  I can do my nails in 15 minutes (or less) and I'm  good to go. I've branched out to lighter neutrals and may even try fashion colors again...as long as they come from OPI or Essie.  Love them!

Do you do/get your nails done regularly?  What is your favorite polish brand?


  1. I do my own nails and, when I do, I use OPI's Kreme de la Kremlin, or (in summer) a French manicure. Nothing is more aging than dark nailpolish (it seems to show up veins, bones and other gems of reaching a certain age). Glad you are better now, Tami!

  2. I don't do my nailsor have them done anymore... but that is one of my resolutions, to be better groomed. I buy polish and then end up never taking the time to use it or go to the salon. Opi and Essie are my favorite brands.

  3. I use Zoya. It is a non-toxic brand of polish with colors that range from dazzling to conservative. Of course now that is summer and gardening season, I'm not doing my fingernails - just my outrageously fabulous toes :)