Wednesday, February 25, 2009

40 Day Heathen Reprieve

I do consider myself a Christian, but I've never been one to follow rituals such as kneeled prayer (I believe in praying all day every day) or Lent.  However, as I'm sure it has been with many individuals this past year, life is hitting me kind of hard.  I'm feeling that I may need some rituals and tradition in my life.  It may be just for now or they may become a regular part of my life.  I don't know, but I do know I need a change.

On Monday I began with cutting the TV off during the week (I did watch the President last night.  How could I not?  I heart him and the economy stinks, so I wanted to see what he had to say...that is until I fell asleep).  So, today, thanks to my friend Laura, I am going to begin Lent.  I've decided that I need to do much more than I am doing and I need to be in a constant prayer (if you will) about things going on in my life.  Additionally, a 40 day fast to prepare for my apropos.  The one thing I have repeatedly said is that I do not want to take all of the baggage, unhappiness, anxiety, drama and just plain 'ole stuff from my 30s with me into my 40s.  I want to begin my new decade exuberantly and with more life than I ever had.  These 40 days will be in preparation of that.  So, what am I going to give up for the next 40 days:
  • Meat and Fish (straight vegan, meat not difficult, fish that's another story)
  • Chocolate & Carob (I really wanted cookies today and I was eyeing a chocolate milk)
  • Alcohol (the little bit I drank gave me migraines anyway) 
  • Complaining (wow, what is that...fake it till you make it saying)
  • Excuses (kind of goes with complaining doesn't it?)
  • Blogging (reading and writing between the hours of 8a-6p)
  • Not Doing a Daily Exercise (I need to do something even if a crunch each day)  
  • Being a Heathen (making sure I study and pray daily)
As my Pastor said on Sunday, when things are going sideways you need to be in constant prayer, all day, every day, asking God for his guidance and direction.  My way has not worked.  I'm giving up my stuff to be in constant contact with the Big Man upstairs.  

Is anyone else giving up anything for Lent?  


  1. yay!! you are joining me!! so, vegan as in no dairy vegan?

    our sacrifices are pretty similar! we can support eachother..on that and on that frickin' dossier!

  2. "Blogging (reading and writing between the hours of 8a-6p)" I'm glad you put in the caveat about the hours and you won't be going away totally for 40 days!

  3. I thought about giving up something for Lent but I couldn't because, um, I didn't FEEL LIKE IT! And now I've already done all the bad things I could've given up anyway. Oh well, my lenten time will come. I love the 40 day countdown to 40. It's like we're getting to watch your own personal rennaisance.

  4. Did you think I could not blog at all? C'mon now. 8-6 was about all I could do!

  5. You know, I didn't give anything up for lent this year. I had to grow up Catholic, but became Christian as an adult. In our church, you sacrafice during lent by GIVING, not taking away. I sort of think Jesus did all the painful sacraficing for us; we don't have to anything to add to that. We show him we love him and follow him by reflecting his love out into the world, not depriving ourselves.

    I'm just sayin'. Also, I don't think it says anything in the Bible about observances like these except in the Old Testament. We're under that great new covenant, remember.Easter is such a beautiful time, Thanks for the post that made me think today...