Friday, February 6, 2009

Things I've Learned #1: Never Get A Cheap Dentist

I believe in saving money, but there are just certain places you can not and should not go cheap; one of those places is your teeth!  Through the course of my life I have had notoriously soft teeth.  I could look at a piece of candy and get a cavity.  I went to the dentist, but being that my health insurance was not that great it was usually a dental "hook-up".  Not a good idea.  Years past and many "hook-ups" or cost-effective dentists later and I was paying the price...full price. Bridges, root-canals, implants, on-lays, overlays, and fillings.  The works!  You have never known pain unless you had a toothache!  OUCH!!!!!!!!  Finally, enough was enough.  I looked for the absolute best dentist that I could find!  I didn't care how much he cost, I just wanted my mouth perfect and I didn't want it to hurt again...EVER!  

REJOICE!  I found one of the best dentists in the country who had a specific fellowship, was a cosmetic specialist and held other special certifications that only a few in the world had.  His office was state of the art and his prices were about 20-30% more than a regular dentist.  I didn't care, he was perfect.  He pimped my mouth out and was worth every single dollar I paid him.  I say he pimped my mouth out (you know like they do the cars) because it cost me a small car to get everything fixed.  But it was worth it and I would do it again.  He is now my regular dentist and I tell him each time I see him if he weren't married I would marry him.  

It's time for me to let him tune these babies up and give them a good waxing though.  I'm going to get them whitened in another few months.  I can't wait.  Hey, I've already paid the price I may as well keep them pretty right?  

Does anyone else have any dental horror stories or am I the only lucky one?   


  1. YAY on finding a great dentist!

    Nothing says pretty like a great smile!

  2. Teeth are definitely worth the investment. I love my dentist too, and I'm glad you've found a terrific one. That said, just today my brother in NYC said it's cheaper for him to fly to Barbados to get his teeth done (by an exceptional dentist, I might add).

  3. Hi Tami - followed you over here from the other blog. I too have major dental problems. I found a great dentist but the cost is soooo high for what I need. With the adoption it all just seems so overwhelming. I believe I will do the dental work, but the question is when. BTW - I love this blog too. - Ali

  4. Welcome Ali! Get your teeth fixed before the baby comes it will be worth it in the end. I don't regret doing it at all. I'm just a tad annoyed by the new law about buying kids items from consignment/thrift stores though. That may kill my budget! We will have to do more house parties! That is a single woman's nightmare!!!!

  5. I think my worst dentist story is the one where I decided to get my ugly silver fillings switched to white. And got a tooth cracked in the process, and ended up having the sucker pulled out, and still have a gaping hole in the back of my mouth that you can't see. Vanity karma. Maybe tied with the story where I had 4 severely impacted wisdom teeth yanked out of my face while I was (for some unknown, insanely bad reason)awake, and the anesthesia JUST started to kick in after the oral surgeon was done and, unbeknonst to me, right behind me when I told my mother that he was a sadist pig.

    Sorry, too tired to write coherent sentences. I awarded you the fabulosity award on my blog, because you are really fabulous even before your mouth got pimped out.

  6. Tami - I dont know about the new law. What is it? I love 1 - I to save. Ali