Friday, February 20, 2009

My Taste of the High Life

Last year I went to an event where I met the eyebrow guru - Erwin Gomez.  He has this fabulous, gorgeous (and expensive) beauty salon in Georgetown.  Ever since then I've been dying to get my eyebrows artistically styled by him.  I am a very picky woman (I'm sure this is a shocker).  I have yet to find anyone who can "style" my brows to my liking, which usually leaves me quite peeved.  So, last year, one redeeming thing an ex did was get me a gift certificate to get my eyebrows styled with Erwin.  

This morning I went and I LOVEEEEEEEE my eyebrows (not my eyebrow above)!!!!!  They are thick, sexy and beautiful!  Yes, eyebrows can be sexy!  I said so.  But, unfortunately, I will never see Erwin again.  You see, a first eyebrow styling with the master is $75 and a follow-up is $50!  UMMMM.... Sigggghhhh.. WTH???? WTF???  I do love my eyebrows, but I am a single woman, saving for adoption, in a recessioned (not a word, but it should be) economy.  I guess, I will just have to keep these eyebrows up the best I can with my little friend from CVS The Finishing Touch while shaving my moustache reducing my lip hairs.  

But I did enjoy the trip back down memory lane to better times this morning where: 
  • People said "May we get you a cup of coffee or tea"
  • I got to eat all the candy I wanted for free (yes I did at 9:30 in the morning, it was yummy)
  • Furniture and paneling was made of real wood
  • Furniture was coordinated
  • Magazines were current and pages were not torn out
  • Employees spoke in complete sentences
  • Yarn was reserved for blankets not hair or hair accessories
  • Neon green wasn't considered the hot fashion color
Yes, my taste of the high life, with $75 eyebrow styling, this morning was good.  It was real good.  Oh well, as Soul II Soul said "Back to Life, back to reality."  

Have you had any temporary taste(s) of the high life lately that you know you won't get to keep up?  

Have a great weekend!  


  1. OMG - Soul II Soul! In my former life I was an aerobic instructor and this song brings me back to the day (minus 30 lbs.)!!

    What gives??!! No photo of Tami sporting the eye guru's work?

  2. I tried to take pictures of my eyebrows but I didn't get the full effect. I should of had him take the pictures. Oh, well. They are sexy though! LOL

    OMG...aerobics class, I can see them now and thoses outfits! LOL

  3. I had a similar upscale salon experience and decided to make cutbacks elsewhere to keep going. It has all the niceties you mentioned plus soft towels, free Starbucks or wine and ultra-polite workers. Most of all these folk appreciate my TIME. I walk in for a brow/lip wax and wash/blowdry, and I'm out in a hour.

    I also have thick brows and it's so nice to find someone who knows how to shape them right without making them too thin.

  4. PBW...can I live vicariously through you? Maybe one day I can go back to Erwin, but alas now is not the time. Baby I needs a new pair of shoes! LOL Rather I need Baby I! LOL

    I've been plucking my little hairs as they creep up though to maintain my eyebrows as long as I can.

  5. lol - tami your post and your comments are too funny!!

    meanwhile, whatever happened to soul II soul????

  6. I am always disappointed by my brow shaper people and I guess its not their fault. My eyebrows suck. And now they're all super thin and won't grow back. So sad. I am going to get my hair cut/dyed today at a salon that has wine and I plan to drink it while I'm there and read frivolous crap magazines. And feel guilty about the $ I'm spending. But not guilty enough not to do it.