Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Boob Nurse

I spent this weekend being nurse to a pair of new breasts. Umm…I mean taking care of a friend who had a breast augmentation. She is as happy as a clam going from less than an A cup to a C cup, she looks fabulous at 41. She said she never fully felt like a woman and now that she is finished having kids her 40s are about her. I’m not mad at her for finally doing something she has wanted to do after so many years. Next she is getting braces. Wow…go girl!

I have my list of things I’m doing to keep this body up too.  First on my list is teeth whitening.  We are going down fighting! I’m not trying to act like I’m in my 20s or 30s forever, but I’m not giving up. I haven’t gone under the knife for anything, haven’t needed to, but I would be a liar if I said I wouldn’t. If I start loosing my hair…transplant. If I knew I couldn’t get rid of my tummy by working out…lipo. If my face or boobs start to drop (too much)…lift.  

Everyone has their view of any type of enhancements; I don’t knock anyone for what they do.  It's their life and more importantly their money.  

What is your view on enhancements? What have you done or would consider doing? Just remember even hair dye is a form of an enhancement!


  1. I think people should do what makes them happy and feel good. I just hate when people alter their faces so much that they don't look like themselves. My stunningly beautiful best friend had a bump on her nose which she obssessed about all through our teenage years. She finally had it removed and she is still very beautiful. I think she's the only one who can tell the difference. But she's happy so it was a success.

    I would like to have a tummy tuck! I had my son at 16 and my tummy has never been the same. I think about it but I just can't justify spending that kind of money on something that so few people will ever see :-). But it may be what I give myself for my 50th birthday. That is if tuition for a 1st grader is not too much to handle.

  2. hmmmm, now that nursing is out of the way, I would love to have my breast lifted.