Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 1: No TV

I must admit something I am not proud of, I did allude to this a few posts ago though.  I've been watching way too much TV on a daily basis.  Because I have so many things going on in my life right now that I would love to ignore, I'm using the TV as a crutch to ignore my life.  Unfortunately, it isn't working.  When I cut off the TV those things are still there.  Damn reality!  So, this week (M-F) is week 1 of no TV (I have set up my TiVO though).  I'm going to use the weeks to:
  • work on my Rocking 40 List
  • pre-publish posts (I really want to make sure you have my rants daily)
  • find guest bloggers (a surprise every now and then is great)
  • date more (I've gone on 3 dates since the last post 2 were terrible and 1 was pretty good) 
  • update my ipod
  • paint
  • garden (food is expensive as you know)
  • tackle this pile of clothes that need hems, buttons, etc.
  • sleep 8 hours a night
  • post items on E-bay & Craigslist 
  • and other important life items
Why have I been in front of the boob tube so much?  I have plenty to do!  

Anyone else want to join me?  Don't be "skeerd"!


  1. I gave up TV a long time ago and it's paid dividends (I've just about completed my first novel!) You don't realise just how many hours you sit in front of the box, until you stop it! Well done you, hope you get loads done on your lists!

  2. Great post! You really zeroed in on it!

    I've been watching tv to avoid figuring out problems with my novel-in-progress.

    Sigh. I'm going to join you, turn off the tube and start facing those demons.

  3. Good for you Janette! Better late than never I say.

    PBW yeah! Keep me posted as to your progress. I need to read one of your novels.

  4. I hear you're not alone. I hear that TV watchersip is up some crazy percentage that I forget. Somehow, I don't think it's because there are so many great new shows.