Monday, January 26, 2009

Dating Younger is...Just Man

Girl meets boy on online dating site.

Boy is 6 years younger than girl, with average looks, nice body though.

Boy is stationed in Iraq (as a contractor) so they get to know each other virtually.

Girl determines boy is uninteresting, not that bright and a whole host of other words which translate to she isn’t interested.  

Communication stops.

Boy comes home for a vacation and Obama inauguration.

Boy asks to take girl to dinner for old time sake, she hesitates but gives in.

They agree to meet after Girl has a business meeting at the Boy’s favorite “restaurant.” At this first meeting Girl has on very nice business casual dress (remember coming from meeting). Boy had on…jeans, Timberland hiking boots (I can’t remember the last time I dated someone who wore Timberlands), and a blue sweatshirt you workout in, and a blue nylon bomber jacket. WTH? Was he still at war or on a date?  Oh, the restaurant was a dive, but the food was pretty good…not the place for a first date!  Girl left with a sighhh and NO interest of other dates. 

Two weeks later Boy continues to ask Girl for a final date before he goes back to Iraq, she gives in and agrees to a movie. Girl mentions she was hungry and boy says “we have to do something about that”…sushi at 8:30, movie at 9:50…”great, I’ll meet you there.”

Sushi was great. Conversation was fine. The bill came and boy said, “Oh, I’ll guess we’ll just split the bill.” Girl continued to eat her food, she had to be sure of her response before she told him off, and then she said…

“Excuse me, what did you just say about the bill?” Boy said, “We should split it.” Girl said “no, I won’t be splitting this bill with you this is your date.” Boy thought that since he chose the place girl should pay for the meal? WTH? Girl again said “NOOO! I don’t pay for my own dates. You mean to tell me just because I suggested sushi you expect me to pay?” He said “Yes, I only pay if we go where I want to go and to a place I suggest."  Huhhh…nooooo LOL A few other words were said…mostly by me (I mean Girl) and if you know anything about me (oops again, girl) yet, you know they were an earful, but they amounted to, in the words of Whitney and Bobby “hell to the naw!”

Boy looked at girl.

Girl looked at boy.

Boy paid bill.

Girl told boy she was going home and to kiss her arse.

Boy got humble and still wanted girl to go to the movies so she went, she wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire (great movie by the way).  

Boy continued to try to make nice by buying girl a drink afterwards but too late…he was an idiot.  

Boy walked girl to car…tried to get a kiss…NO WAY!  YUCK!

Grow up little BOY!  

And the dating saga continues…WHOMP WHOMP!


  1. I once went on a date with a guy who claimed he had bought me a present and it was in the glove department of his car. When I looked, there was the usual crap and half a packet of chewits and a tin of carnation milk. When I told him I couldn't see any present, he calmly stated that the carnation milk was my present, as he couldn't find any roses, so he bought me carnations instead! Needless to say I didn't go on any further dates with him!

  2. Janette,

    Carnation milk? LOL That is hilarious. That is almost as good as my flashing rose story! Ok maybe yours is better! LOL

  3. HA!! I really needed that laff today. Sorry it was at your expense, Tami. You mentioned FBI guys - I say stay away from Army boys - 'boys' being the key word there.

    Janette - Carnation milk? You MUST be joking. What a tool!

  4. And here I am thinking about sticking a toe back in the dating pool. This story makes me have second thoughts. I would have been speechless in a situation like that!

  5. Oh, sorry Tracey...go ahead date. It only takes one nice, not cheap, educated, sane, chivalrous, faithful guy. Unfortunately, I'm still looking for him. Maybe you will have better luck...LOL

  6. Well, no man of that description has crossed my path is a loooong time. (Do I sound bitter?)

    Tracey - stick that toe in - do it!! (and blog all about it)

  7. Tami - all I can say is OMG. That was funny. I have to check in on your blog more often for some laughs! -

  8. Tammy,

    This story is too funny! It reminds me of the dates that I used to go on when I was younger. Talk about "cheap." Sounds like “Boy” needs a remedial class in Dating 101, or better yet he probably needs a beginners class…LOL!

    I hoped you trashed his number!


  9. Andrea,

    I never called him in the first place. He kept calling me. I did delete his email though. He is just another bad memory. Maybe what I should do weekly his give one of my bad date stories for jokes! LOL