Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009!  It's a new year and time for new beginnings.  No more I can't, don't have time, or a lack of faith.  Just do it and watch what happens!  

So...guess what I did?  My friend called me and said let's drive to Miami so we don't have to spend NYE in the cold!  I was hesitant, that's a 16-18 drive, yet I did it anyway.  Yes, it was a long drive but 3 of us split it (ok, I only drove 5 hours but that's not the point).  We had a few very interesting conversations and even visited Wal-Mart outside of Savannah, Georgia around 1 am...we were hungry and needed a break.  Other than that and the few traffic jams on hellish I-95, it was all good.  I figured now was the time to start making changes and getting out of my boring comfort zone.  I'm glad I did it.  I'm in warmth and watched fireworks on the beach instead of freezing my tush off in DC.  I've spent NYE on a beach (in Guatemala) once before and I loved it.  I think I will try to make warmth a part of my yearly NYE plans.  Finally, I'll post a few pictures when I get back home on Monday, where my I left my camera cord. 

Goal #2:  Spend NYE someplace warm.  DONE

How was your NYE?  Did you do anything exciting?  


  1. Good for you. Enjoy spontenaeity while you can!!

  2. my head was in the toilet at 4am from the stomach flu. but it's okay because i spent the entire first day of the year without an iota of food. so.. all's well when you start the year with minus calories!!

  3. Here was my rockin' NYE - 3 single moms, 3 three year olds, and a 5:00 dinner reservation at Benihana. In bed before midnight. It was actually a pretty nice evening. I would have enjoyed some sunshine like you had though.

  4. What a fantastic start to the year. Happy New Year, Tami!!