Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Man...By Any Means Necessary

Most of you reading this blog are of a Rageous age or at least mindset. How many of you are single? How many of you have tried online dating, church single’s groups, hook-ups, blind dates, grocery store meeting, single’s nights at the local sporting event, 5 minute dating, volunteering, a new sport or hobby? OY VEY! All of this to result in nada! Okay, maybe a few dates but you still haven’t found the one. What’s left? Most of us just start the same tired cycle again. Some say the heck with it and quit. While others, like Neenah come up with a new way.

Find At 42 Neenah decided she wanted more from her life. She wanted companionship, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Who knows if it will work, but I for one am not mad at her. My friend and I contemplated a few weeks ago doing something similar. I’m thinking, maybe we could write a treatment for a Bachelorette show for women over 40…hey we need love too. No, really I’m serious! I have a friend who works in LaLa Land as a film executive and reads my blog…HEY…DID YOU GET THAT? WHAT ABOUT US? I’ll even sacrifice myself for the goodness of the Rageous group to be your test dummy…just make sure my men are…sane, cute, and financially stable! I know that’s a lot to ask, but can you work on that? Neenah started a blog but I have friends in high places so…what do you think?

Ladies? What do you think about Spill. BTW…I’m working on my show idea also, let me know if you want to be on after me! ☺

Also, thanks Product Junkie Diva for letting me know about Neenah.  You rock!  


  1. I actually met my husband on an internet dating site and we will have been married two years this May, so there is proof that it does work! I'm a great believer in destiny and if it's meant to be, then you will find someone!

  2. I really like her site. And some of the guys who signed up look like good candidates.

    I have a friend in LA who wanted to get married... but to a rich guy. She cashed out her savings, had some major plastic surgery and looked like a quasi-barbie doll (or, like every other woman in LA). In any case, because she was pinpointing the type of guy she wanted, she honed in on the look that was successful for snatching those guys. Less than a year later, she was married to a millionaire.

    I thought she was crazy, vain, and a bunch of other things. Now I'm beginning to think she was really onto something.

  3. I'm going to have to check out that site.

    And if your friend wants to do the show from a Canadian perspective - pick me!

  4. I think the biggest problem humans have is admitting that they want to meet someone and fall in love. For some reason we have been conditioned that it is a weakness rather than a vulnerability. Therefore, someone who admits what they want and goes after it wholeheartedly and honestly has an advantage over people who feel ambivalent. I think the bravery and willingness to be vulnerable is very appealing to nice people and I hope this woman finds the right person.