Friday, January 9, 2009

Own Your Age Just Not The Shirt

Have you been discriminated against because of your age?  I haven't.  Yet.  Unless you count the guys who won't date me because they prefer 25 year olds.   I guess that's no different than me not dating men who are 50.  Ok, that's a whole different conversation. 

As I'm sure you know (or heard) age discrimination is another big -isim.  So much so, MORE magazine has started a campaign against ageism called Own Your Age.  To support the campaign you of course have to give money, BUT with a $25 donation you get this lovely t-shirt.  
Yes, that is the plainest t-shirt of them all.  You won't catch me in one.  It kind of looks like an unfinished sample waiting for something else to happen to it.  Can I get some bling?  Different colors?  How about a deep v-neck?  Ohhhh, wait a minute.  You have to order the t-shirt through Talbots.  No wonder!  Who shops at Talbots?  My grandmother wouldn't even shop there.   I mean seriously, none of my rageous readers shop there right?  If you do, oooppps!  I'm proud of my age and all, but I can do without the shirt.  I think, if I give, I'll just support the cause without wearing the t-shirt.  Sorry know I love you, just not the t-shirt.  

Have a great weekend!  


  1. Yeah, the shirt looks like it could be saying something generic like "insert slogan here."

    Fortunately, I am usually mistaken for being 10 years younger (I also feel 10 years younger), so I'm quite pleased.

  2. LOl yes the shirt needs something and I like your suggestions. I have not been discriminated against regarding my age but I think I can do without the t shirt too!

  3. hey, don't be a hater on Talbots. They have actually gotten a lot less stodgy lately. In fact, I bought 3 skirts there last week. Yes I did. And they are work skirts, sure, but they are not old lady skirts - all pencil skirts just above the knee.

    You're right about the shirt though: BORING.

  4. OK P. I'll have to go visit to confirm what you said. I still don't know. I'll get back to you on that! LOL ...still hating right now. :-)