Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Go Green, Go SuperFoods

Ah…a new year!  Gotta love that.  I don’t know what it is with the psyche that makes us believe it is better to start a new program in January versus June, but I buy into that also.  Maybe it’s the fact that all of those other programs we started in June or September and didn’t work we can brush them under the rug and say okay I can always start anew in January.   I try not to get all caught up into resolutions anymore in lieu of trying to live my best life everyday.  But I must admit, I’m still struggling with my best life though. 

I haven’t made it to the gym at 6am yet, too cold and rainy.   I haven’t started eating my raw foods, I have to go to the grocery store first.  So, how about this...more nourishment.

Dr. Shultz SuperFood Plus: $36.00 14 ounces, 1 month supply

Even if you take a multi-vitamin you still can benefit from a scoop of SuperFood daily.   I can’t express how much I love this stuff.  Just mix it up with some juice or in a smoothie and it's great.  Ok, in all fairness I'm used to the way (as my family says) "funny foods taste" so it may take a minute to get used to, it is green, but most importantly it is full of good for yous.  About 4 years ago I was extremely ill and should have died.  The doctors said my body and immune system were so strong that I was able to fight illness better than a person of normal health would have. Why was I so healthy? I was taking vitamins, eating right, exercising and drinking SuperFood 2x a day.

Read up on it, I wouldn't steer you wrong.  SuperFood Plus helps with energy, provides protection against free radical damage, and when I was consistent I was never sick.  Never had a cold and was full of energy.  After being sick already this season and thinking about the free radical support (remember, we love that) and looking at my dark circles (not a pretty sight), I decided I’m back in!  So...

Drink up!  Be healthy!  Be Happy!

My recommendation for your health is… Dr. Shultz SuperFood Plus

Do you have any health recommendations?


  1. I bought the coconut oil - which I LOVE by the way. I use it all over my body after my shower and on my feet every night. I have also started using it on Bereket's hair.

    I'll have to try the SuperFood too.

    I love coming here. This is such a happy space :)

  2. Nancy,

    I'm glad you like coconut oil, what about the hubby? :-) It should also help Bereket's hair and scalp.