Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's How Demi Keeps Ashton...She Owns Hers

"I realized that women who lack self-esteem are lost.
 I was determined never to relinquish my power again. 
My sexuality and my sensuality are part of that
~ Demi Moore (born November 11, 1962)

Think about it. Are you lost? Do you lack self-esteem? Do you give away your power? Are you afraid or ashamed to own your sexuality or sensuality?

DON'T BE!  OWN IT! (How do you think Demi got and keeps Ashton?  I'm just saying...)

Say it loud and be proud!  It's funny how finding little parts of yourself can amount to big changes.  So, go ahead girl, Demi and I give you permission to find yourself.  Get a little sexy.  Buy yourself a little something special and you can even buy it online. :-)  Just, whatever you do, don't relinquish your power, don't relinquish you...   


  1. Damn she looks good. I need a personal trainer...



  2. I love Demi's quote! The best part about getting older as a woman is finally getting in touch with our power.

  3. but the underlying question is: seriously, who the &^%$ wants Ashton?

    He's immature and does the stupid Punked sh*t.