Monday, March 23, 2009

Dara Torres on April Cover of MORE Magazine

Ladies, Middle Rageously is becoming one of the go to blogs for Rageous women.  Who would’a thunk it?  That just goes to prove if you put together respected content , talk enough don't shut up people start to listen.  Last week I received an email about the preview cover for MORE Magazine with Dara Torres where she will talk candidly about her self-image, drugs in sports and more in advance of the release of her memoir Age Is Just a Number.   Since I was late checking my email (note to self: check email daily, you’re popular it’s not really a preview since the magazine is on the shelf tomorrow (March 24) but never the less, here are a few excerpts from one my favorite Rageous women…now go buy the magazine!

New York, NY – When Dara Torres speaks, an allusion to swimming is never far away. “I’m still testing the waters to see what my limits are,” the perpetual comeback queen Torres tells More about why, instead of hanging up her goggles after winning three silver medals at the Beijing Olympics, she is now training for the world championships in Rome this coming July. In the April issue, on newsstands March 24, Torres speaks candidly about her self-image, drugs in sports and more in advance of the release of her memoir Age Is Just a Number. 

About being accused of taking performance enhancement drugs: “It’s the most hurtful thing. I was angry when journalists would ask to interview me and do stories that were drug-related, saying, ‘I wanted to believe Dara.’ I have a daughter who is one day going to read all this stuff. I’ve done everything I possibly can to prove that I was clean. I went to the head of the United States anti-doping agency and asked to be tested any way they wanted. They keep the samples for years. How can anyone in their right mind who is cheating decide to go through all that?”

About the athletes who do use drugs: “What I don’t understand is how these athletes don’t have a conscience.”

About her eating disorder years: “I had an eating disorder in college, and I went for years restricting myself from specific foods, looking at labels…It was a real dark thing in my life. I don’t think I would have had it if I wasn’t an athlete. I finally went to a doctor, who asked, ‘Do you make yourself throw up?’ And I said, ‘No,’ and then I felt horrible that I’d lied to her. I marched back in and told her the truth. She sent me to a psychiatrist. I threw up less, but it went on. When I decided to try for the 1992 Olympics, I knew I didn’t want to have this problem, so I stopped cold turkey.”

About being flat chested: “I have no chest; when I go to Victoria’s Secret, I have to ask if they have training bras.”

About her future Olympics hopes: “You have to take it day by day. I’m not going to put it out of my head until I know what my body can and can’t do.”

About life after swimming: “I’ve always enjoyed television and being in front a camera, reporting and interviewing.”

I can't wait to read the article!  Hey, maybe since I'm on the go to list now I'll get a copy or two of Dara's Memoirs for my readers as give-aways?  I think that is nice, what do you guys think?  Hint Hint

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