Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Never Ever Will

A few weeks ago I was on the phone talking with one of my girlfriends reminiscing about our days at our alma mater Howard University.  It seemed like yesterday when we were hanging out on the “yard”, dancing all night at the Ritz (no longer there) and wearing our little black dresses (I’ll leave it to your imagination what we used to call the dresses) to the club.  These days there is no little black dress, it's more like the black wrap dress (to hide the tummy).  

As we continued to talk we laughed about the good 'ole days and thought about turning 40.  We thought of those things we said in no way would we ever do...like:
• The electric slide (our mothers and their friends love this…they can keep it).
• Wear elastic waistbands in our clothes. Unless it is for workout clothes, elastic really should not be allowed in "street" clothes and called fashion.

On the flip side, now at almost 40, we find ourselves doing these things more:
• Getting dressed to go to the grocery store…somebody is going to notice.  Remember when you could just go to the corner and get noticed because you were 21?   Now, you have to do your hair, get dressed and put on makeup.  But oh, it’s so worth it!
Male stranger:  Excuse me, you are simply beautiful!
You:  Well, thank you.  It's nothing, I wake up like this!  

• Not taking a shower before you go out. What the hell, no one is going to look anyway.
• Not buying cheap clothes anymore.  My body doth protest too much.
• Knowing drink limits.  40 and drunk? Not a good look.
• Taking a nap before you go out.  If you want me out past 12, I need to recharge.
• Choosing…cleavage or legs, one or the other, not both. It’s all about distraction really.
• Getting more compliments from women than men…what is that about?
• Getting plenty of compliments from men; the compliments just come from married men…what is that about?
• Hearing “Yes, Ma’am” and looking around for my mother to see they are talking to me. DAMN!!!!
• Hearing “Miss Tami”.  The hair rises on my neck, why can’t I just be Tami? Sighhhhhh.

I know my friend and I are not the only one’s with our own list. What about you? 

What do you find yourself doing more now? What are those things that you will never do now that you are 40? Share with the rest of us.  


  1. Well since I am closer to 30 than 40 lol... I can't chime in but I will agree with you about women complimenting more than men followed up by the men being married. When I read that, I thought its because Women appreciate what we go thru to get here and the only men that will "get it" will be ones with WIVES at home LOL.

  2. You are so funny! I turn 45 this May - the 22nd for anyone who is nearby that wants to bring me a present! I love my 40's - best decade so far but you're right - I don't go out of the house without doing my hair and putting on some lipstick.

    Last week I was in a cafe in town and a woman stopped and said "Kristine!!!!" I haven't seen her in 20 years - college - and she recognized me. If I hadn't been - done up - I really don't know if she would have.

    What was the comment on my blog about missing work? Are you not working? I hope your working.

    Love BOTH your blogs now - I should have know this would have been funny too!