Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yellow No More

One of my "To Do's" on my Rocking 40 List is to get my teeth whitened.  Not only are yellow teeth unattractive, they age you so...change the things you can change and don't worry about the others (you know the exact saying I'm sure).  

While I'm readying my purse to part with the $600 my dentist requires I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I went to TarJay to look for a short term alternative and came across the Advance White product line from Arm & Hammer.  Not only was there a toothpaste (which I had used before with no memorable change) there was now a booster.  The booster promised to make your toothpaste work 3x better to get those yellows pearly white a nice shade of tan (well, it said 3 shades).  

$3.99 for the Advance White Toothpaste and $5.79 for the Whitening Booster  

I've been using the products a couple of times a day (when I'm not too lazy) and I love the combination.  My teeth really feel clean when I brush and....drum roll please.... teeth are actually brighter!  Almost off-white now!  YEAH!!!!!  I'm still getting them professionally whitened but this will keep me happy until I can stomach that vanity dental bill.

I should have taken a before yellow picture but I didn't.  It's a good thing this blog is about being 40 and not a beauty blog because I would fail for sure!  

Bottom Line:  Great buy!  

Has anyone else tried Arm & Hammer?  Have you had any good results with another at home whitening product?


  1. I had Crest White Strips from the dentist. Pain in my a**. I will definitely check out your low cost alternative. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Result!!

    A&H is the only t-paste I use. My model of choice is labelled 'Sensitive plus Whitening.' I buy multiples anytime I see it on sale.

    Obviously it works because my dentist always raves about my pearly whites (except yesterday when I went for my routine scaling and had to admit to not flossing much in the past 6 months).

  3. Yeah Haze! So, I really am on to something. Maybe these pearly off whites will actually get white one day! LOL

  4. wow, i must try that. i had the zoom procedure done and let me tell you--if you have sensitive teeth you will break down into hysterical sobbing when the pain hits you (or maybe that was just me)

    glad to know there is a less painful alternative. will def. be getting this. thanks tami for the tip and haze for the info on the sensitive version.