Monday, March 30, 2009

On Spring Break

Guess what?  I'm on my way to Spring Break!  

What had happened was...

One of my friends called me on Friday and said I needed a break and she had a ticket for me to go to St. Thomas with her on Monday to help her celebrate her birthday.  Oh, OK?!  I was shocked because I have been especially stressed these days (I'll tell you why one day when I'm not stressed anymore) and because...what a friend!  So, because I'm such a friend, I agreed to go.  :-)  

See what happens when you put pen to paper fingers to keyboard?  I'm going on Spring Break!  
I'm going to see what else I can conjure up while I'm gone I think there really might be something to this pen to paper mumble jumble after all.

I have a few posts pre-published while I'm gone.  Be good and no nasty comments that I can't respond to until I return.   

Have a great week!