Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rocking 40 List Update

As I approach the end of month 3 (or 2 for my Chinese New Year) of my Rocking 40 List I have accomplished a few things, but I also realize I have so far to go.  However, it has not all been for not because through this process I am learning a lot about myself like...I don’t do well being put into a box.  Many of those items I first had a monthly or weekly target but I soon realized that was too stressful for something that was supposed to be fun and I don't need any additional stress.  Some would call these goals, but I just don’t do well with closed ended goals like these, I’m more of an open-ended person.  I see the bigger picture and in Tamiville it always has more than one answer.  I could have never been an engineer or mathematician because I always thought there was more than one solution to the problem.  I'm just creative like that.  Although I don’t do well with "confinement" I realize I do need more structure in Tamiville particularly since my daughter is coming home (relatively) soon, this helps me to tackle them aggressively and give myself a break when I don’t accomplish them.  For instance: I gave up the no TV rule. My stress level required the mindless boob tube, but I am cognizant of it now and I am weaning myself off of it.  

Following are my other updates:
  • Getting rid of unwanted clutter (paper) and items in my home.  This is a continuous battle.  I’m just tired of stuff! I want to lead a simple life full of only things I love, need and have a sentimental value.  How do we accumulate so many things?  I can't take it!!!!!
  • Have scheduled and had monthly game parties at my house since February, they are a blast!  Number 3 is April 3.  
  • Decided on the book I am going to write and have started working on the proposal and outline.  If anyone knows anything about writing a nonfiction book please send me an email.  I'm new to this....HELLLPPPP!
  • Working out is up and down.  I don’t do well in times of stress, counter intuitive I know.
  • Working on an adventure with my best friend…stay tuned! 
  • Have not read one book! I have decided to make it a cumulative total (for the next 18 months) instead.
So…there is the update.  How are you coming with your list?


  1. LOL! I'm so like you. I don't do well with restrictions. I'm too creative a spirit to fit into structure or the 9-5. And my list well...

    I wrote down 16 goals for myself - travel is among them. I got very specific about where I want to travel. I believe in the power of pen to the paper - things move, stuff happens.

    One of MY places to travel is and has been to go to Central America: Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua. So after I wrote out my list, two days later (and this list was discussed with NO ONE), my son calls out of nowhere to tell me: "Instead of going to Europe [as he hoped], I'm going with two friends [in June] to Central America". The same exact spots I had just written down!!!!! Now how'd that happen???

    I did just cross one goal off my list though - I got the new camera I have been wanting. I want to hone my photography skills. So I keep dreaming on...

    We are going to make #2 happen for you!

  2. Progress is progress.

    I'm the same way, don't get stressed. The worst months of the year are behind us. Ahead, Spring, balmy Summer and then the festive Holiday season. Cold weather so unmotivating.