Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our Spring Break

Remember Spring Break?  The excitement of school’s out.  The excitement of doing nothing or everything for a week?  Why is it when we finished school we got so super serious and left all of our fun behind?   I remember my mother telling me “you have plenty of time to be serious,” she forgot to mention it will happen almost immediately upon graduation...On your march, get ready, set, now…serious!  No more Spring Break for you!  Well, I’m protesting!  The only thing I get to do for spring these days is cleaning.  I propose we bring back Spring Break!

If you happen to have a week and a few extra dollars to spare, why not take a beach vacation reminiscent of yore except this time luxury abounds.  If you only have a few days what about a short flight or road trip?  Tickets are super cheap and package/hotel deals are available on sites like and  If you only have a day?   Take it!  A day to do whatever it is you want; rare commodity or blessing.  

No cleaning.   No kids.  No cooking.   No cellphone.  No laptop.  No working.  No kidding.

Grab your girlfriend(s) and take a break.  Take a Spring Break.  

Make an appointment at a spa or plan a spa day at someone's home (kick the family out of the house for the day of course).   Eat fabulously.  Go shopping.  See a movie or theater production.  Go to the museum.  Go to a lounge or nightclub (let men buy you drinks).  

The point is: take a break! Our kids do it and what do they need a break from; we do everything for them.   So, Rageous Women, let’s plan a spring break during the month of April.  I’m going to work on mine and get back to you.  Who is going to join me?


  1. I agree!!! I brought back the spring break a few years ago. Last year I went to Puerto Rico and it was amazing. Me and my friend Deb do it like the last week of April/ first Week of May. And there are some great deals this year. Especially abroad. Its short but worth it. Ireland is calling my name (for 300.00 rt and 99.00 rooms!).

  2. Robbin-

    Ireland sounds great. Are you going before baby?

  3. I am already booked for Trinidad - I leave the day after school gets out. That is one of the best things about being a teacher - it's a job but you get all the fringe benefits of being a student! :)

  4. I've never been to Trini either...sounds yummy! Share pictures!

  5. I did something like that this past week, except the polar opposite (pun intended). I went to Iceland and did the spa thing there. They have amazing geothermal pools and the country is awe-inspiring. It might not have the same effect as lounging on the beach, but it sure was a cure for what ailed me.