Monday, March 2, 2009

No More Gray Down There. Yes, There!

Last Valentine's Day I went to my neighborhood nail salon to get my eyebrows jacked up beautiful and at the counter there were a few boxes of stencils for down there. I chuckled and thought...cute.  The woman at the desk told me her boyfriend loved them, but I didn't think another thing about it considering I'm a big fan of Brazil, they are very sexy down there (hee hee).  My passport is full.  Been visiting Brazil ever since that first little gray in my 20s.   That very first piercing scream which resulted in a phone call to my mother hoping for sympathy but all I heard was roaring laughter.  I immediately thought, to hell with this, Brazil here I come!  

Fast forward to this morning.

I was reading one of my morning blog's (before 8am of course) when it highlighted a product for coloring your vay-jay-jay (thanks Decorno for the fodder).   Betty color for the hair down there (the same company as the stencils). From someone that grayed prematurely (10% by age 12, 25% in college, 50% in 20s, now 75%) I thought BRILLIANT!  FINALLY!  Maybe I can visit another country from time to time instead of Brazil always.  I do wonder how the other side lives.  However, I quickly realized reading the blog, not everyone appreciated this brilliance. Ahhh....youth.  Ok, ok. I know I'm still young (shut up).  I'm just fortunate to have so many aging challenges (yeah, whatever).  The bright spot to all of this is I still look young.   On my knees kissing the ground...thank you!

Despite the haters, I still think Betty is a genius product and many of those women who are hating on the product now will be the same women who want to purchase it in about 10-20. Heck with the way vanity is rising these days, it may be 5-10.

What do you think? Would you try Betty?

BTW...I do know this post is after 8 am and I watched TV on Friday (I'm only human, I'm going to pray now!).


  1. That's a wonderful gift I think I'll give my sister Meron, who recently celebrated her birthday and I didn't get her a gift because I didn't know what to get her (hehehe). Thanks Tami!

  2. I have a couple of gray pubes ....if I thought anyone but me and my Dr would see them, I might try coloring them.

  3. I'm still laughing over Haze's comment. Funnily enough, I posted on this topic a week ago...not just Betty but merkins and other joys of down under. It all started when my sister called to ask if Latisse would help her if she applied it down there instead of on her eyelashes.